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Living the Dream

Lee Price of Saskatoon always had a dream of raising his family in the Maritimes.  Today he is living that dream as a recent hire at NB Southern Railway (NBSR) in Saint John.  He, his wife Elyse, and their four children moved from Saskatchewan last fall to settle into a new job and a new home in Saint John.

"We couldn't be happier," said Price.  "We often heard about the quality of life in the Maritimes.  There's more of an appreciation of neighbourhood and community and that makes for a great place to raise a family."

Price's wife Elyse is Francophone, and French is their children’s first language.  "New Brunswick's embrace of bilingualism is another big draw for the region," Price said.

From Saskatoon, Price followed the news of the business increase for NB Southern Railway, and he applied for a job.  He was a good fit with his previous management experience with CP rail; he is now a planner with a daily focus on serving customers.

"NB Southern is in growth mode, which is exciting.  The company is a great place to work," Price said.

Since 2009 the company has achieved an 81% growth in its full-time workforce with 89 new jobs that generate a further 31 indirect jobs (according to a Stats Canada multiplier).