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Local School Grows Passion for Gardening


Students at Samuel-de-Champlain are getting their hands dirty planting their garden of vegetables and herbs. The school's greenhouse and community garden were championed by the students themselves who wanted a learning space outdoors. 


Isabelle Rouchard is one of those students. “From kindergarten to grade twelve, the whole school has been involved in this project. Older students constructed the greenhouse and younger students are transplanting herbs and vegetables they started in the classroom. I’d like to thank JDI for all their support; it’s so great to see this green house and garden come to life.”

J.D. Irving, Limited was pleased to donate the lumber to the initiative. Students of all ages are learning about construction, gardening, and nutrition through the garden and greenhouse. 

"It's about students returning to nature," said Melissa Beaupres-Parron, teacher at Samuel de Champlain. “It's a sustainable model of the community helping the school get this greenhouse started and the school helping the community with a healthy garden of food." 

The next step for this project? The school has plans to expand the green space by constructing an outdoor classroom next year. 

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