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Log Supplier Day Celebrated at Dixfield Sawmill in Maine Strengthens Relationships

The Dixfield sawmill was proud to host "Log Supplier Day" after a lengthy hiatus. The eagerly awaited event aims to foster partnerships with log suppliers and express appreciation for their contributions.

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This year’s event was particularly important with a renewed focus globally on sustainability and environmental awareness. Promoting sustainable forestry practices and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) program remain key priorities for the Dixfield sawmill. 

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Over 300 people attended including loggers and their families, landowners, foresters, truckers, representatives from the Maine Forest Services (MFS), the Maine Tree Foundation and environmental organizations and climate action groups. The diversity of participants highlighted the collective efforts required to sustain the timber industry, while addressing environmental concerns.  

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An essential part of the event was the immersive mill tour which allowed participants to gain a firsthand understanding of the Dixfield mill’s operations. The tour showcased the entire process from the arrival of the logs to the production of high-quality wood products, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices.

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“We were happy to spend the day engaging in discussions with suppliers and showcasing numerous improvements made to the mill. These conversations further deepened the attendees’ understanding and appreciation of the mill’s dedication to environmental responsibility,” said Susan Coulombe, General Manager. 

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Educational materials were provided to  raise awareness about the impact of invasive species, woodlands management and best management practices in the industry. 

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“We hope that attendees left with a greater understanding of what we do at the mill and the role we all play in a greener, more sustainable future,” added Coulombe. 

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