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March is Engineering Month: Meet JDI Engineers


Civil, mechanical, industrial, chemical, electrical, naval, forest, and software - for JDI, the skills of our 1000+ engineers and engineer technologists are vital to our continued growth, modernization, and improvement. To promote the profession and showcase our team, we are profiling some of the many valued engineers across our operations. We asked what advice they’d give to an engineer just starting out and what sparked their interest in the profession. 

Advice to New Grads

Josh is one of 83 Dalhousie University engineering grads on the team at JDI. His advice to young engineers? Nothing beats experiential learning. 



Co-op Leads to Careers 

Cynthia’s career with JDI began as a co-op student. Her co-op experience with the Kent Homes team lead to a job offer before graduation. 



Passion for Problem Solving 

Engineers are tasked with designing, building and improving. Both Kizito and Karen suggest some of the essential traits for tackling a career in engineering. 


Build a Career, Build a Home

Andryi’s engineering career helped him establish a new home in New Brunswick. For Ryan, his engineering education enabled him to stay in New Brunswick.  


The Next Generation

Bronson, Kersti and Philippe will be accepting their degrees this spring at Dalhousie University, University of New Brunswick and Université de Moncton. 

Before they receive their degrees, they’ve been offered a full-time job with the Transportation Division. In the next three years we forecast welcoming 695 engineers and engineering technologists to the team at JDI. 


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