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Meet Hayden Sahid - Legal Intern at Irving Shipbuilding


Hayden Sahid, a law student at the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University, is one of 13 summer students at Irving Shipbuilding. As he wraps up the summer term, he shares some of his thoughts about the experience. 

 Hayden Sahid


Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Hayden received a liberal arts undergraduate degree in Law and Society at York University and a Master of Arts in Socio-Legal Studies at York University before deciding to go to law school. 

With an interest in corporate and commercial law, Hayden saw the Irving Shipbuilding summer internship as a great opportunity to combine the two. His decision to apply was solidified when he heard Irving Shipbuilding Corporate Counsel, Scott Pickup, speak at a Legal Innovation lecture. 

“After hearing him speak about his passion of using technology to innovate the practice of law, a passion we both share, I was convinced I had to apply,” Hayden says.

Now, as a Summer Legal Intern at Irving Shipbuilding, Hayden’s role is to facilitate the operations of the department’s counsel, with a large focus on developing the legal department’s legal innovation practices. 

Looking back at his experience so far, Hayden feels the internship has been rewarding.

“I have been given so much trust and support in the projects that I have engaged in,” he says. “Having your employers, your teammates, trust you and give you the freedom to learn while completing a project is an extremely empowering feeling. Working at Irving Shipbuilding I feel I have been given the space to learn, innovate, and explore while knowing I have the support of a team when I need them.”

Looking to the future, Hayden feels more confident than ever in his decision to pursue a career in law.

“Working in the legal department at Irving Shipbuilding has given me the confidence in my choice to attend law school, a decision many are insecure about. Working here has certainly solidified my passion for the study and practice of law.”

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