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Meet Taylor Parrott-Williams – Communications Student at Irving Shipbuilding

Taylor Parrott-Williams, a public relations student from Mount Saint Vincent University, is one of ten students working with Irving Shipbuilding this fall. Now on her third co-op term, Taylor started with the communications team at Irving Shipbuilding in September.

 Taylor Parrott-Williams


“I’m excited to dive into this position with the communications team,” says Taylor. “I’ll be able to bring experiences from previous co-ops and apply those skills at Irving Shipbuilding.”

With an interest in corporate communications, Taylor saw the Irving Shipbuilding position as a great opportunity to gain more experience in her field of study.

“So far, I’m really enjoying working for a business like Irving Shipbuilding. It’s much different than my last co-op which was a non-profit organization,” says Taylor, “I am going to be exposed to more challenges and learn new skills that will be useful in my future career.”

As a communications student with Irving Shipbuilding, Taylor’s role is to create written features on people and events, social media content, capture photos, videos and more for Halifax Shipyard.

“I’ve always wondered what went on in the Halifax Shipyard,” said Taylor. “Now that I’ve started my co-op, I get to discover what’s really inside the big buildings.”

What Taylor likes the most about this position is her job is hands on. She enjoys how she engages with everyone who works on the shipyard and gets to learn about their role.

Taylor will graduate in winter of 2022 from Mount Saint Vincent.

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