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Meet the Growing Diversity at JDI: Multicultural Day!


Running a world-class company takes world class people. And world-class people come from all over the world. Today we're celebrating cultural diversity in our organization for Multicultural Day. 

"Our focus is on keeping, and bringing skilled Atlantic Canadians home to the communities where we are proud to live and work," said Susan Wilson, Director of Immigration for J.D. Irving, Limited. "Welcoming newcomers is one part of our recruitment strategy. Our forecast for skilled immigrant hires in 2018 is 240 newcomers to Canada."

A Great First Impression

"Atlantic Towing is multicultural. I’ve been here 14 months and have met people from a variety of diverse cultural backgrounds. My first impression of my company was extremely friendly colleagues, always ready to help, and short communication lines throughout all levels in  the organization. I have worked for different companies previously, in a variety of countries, and I have never seen such high level of dedication to safety of personnel and operations until I came to Atlantic Towing and JDI."

Andriy Ivanov, Senior Naval Architect from Mykolayiv, Ukraine.

 Ivanov, Andriy

Joining the CFM Family 

"Saint John is a beautiful place and a good city to be part of. Celebrating diversity at JDI means a lot. I am so happy to be part of the JDI family. This will be my first Canada Day here. I look forward to making it a memorable one."

Sunny Kholsa, Financial Business Analyst from New Delhi, India

A Love of the Forest 

"Canada’s forests and nature in general are breathtaking. Autumn is my favorite season, such a beautiful time of the year, poetic. I definitely love that respect and social empathy are an important base of the Canadian values. The multicultural society of Canada is awesome, I am learning a lot of things about the whole world in one country."

Jesús Jimenez, Laboratory Associate from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. 


More Diversity, Better Results

"Celebrating diversity means three things to me: willingly accepting diversity around yourself, learning from other cultures and teaching your own culture to others. Celebrating diversity in the workplace results in better relationships with co-workers to achieve results quicker. At JDI cultural differences are appreciated and not a barrier."

Max Bodayev, Delivery Manager, IT Division from Kyiv, Ukraine

 Max Bodayev

Something Extra To Celebrate on Canada 150

See why Canada Day celebrations are so memorable for Mullai:

Diversity Means Learning 

"Diversity is a great way to accept and encourage many cultures in a society, learn from each other, respect and accept different people. I believe diversity is the fundamental to the well-being of a healthy society, country and workplace."

Rui Guo, Sourcing Specialist, Procurement from Shanghai, China

Rui Guo 2 

The Beauty of Canada

"It is a very beautiful country with diverse cultures and lots of job opportunities for people in science. The world class tree improvement programs and other research programs (such as endophyte enhancement to improve tolerance to insects and pests) have bought me to my new home in New Brunswick."

Yeen Ting Hwang, Tissue Culture Specialist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

 Yeen Ting Hwang

Perspectives and Process

"Accepting and understanding diversity in our workplace is an asset at J.D. Irving. I believe having different perspectives continues to improve our processes and the success of the business."

Kevin Zongo, Master Planner, Cavendish Farms from Burkina Faso, West Africa

 Kevin Zongo

Part of the Community 

Celebrating diversity is as simple as recognizing that we’re all part of the Canadian community. We live in a country where we can be ourselves and celebrate our various traditions freely. 

Neil Cabangangan, Customer Solutions Analyst, Midland Transport from Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines

 Neil Cabangangan

Atmosphere of Belonging

"Celebrating diversity in the workplace is important as it allows employees to be curious about and open to the world. It creates an atmosphere of trust and belonging, where everybody is free to speak up and can be listened to without discrimination."

Emmanuella Djama, Internal Auditor, J.D. Irving, Limited from Abidjan (Ivory Coast), West Africa

 Emmanuella Djama

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