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Meet the Hubley Brothers


The Hubley Brothers have come a long way since they were first spotted in their childhood sailor suits! It is not surprising that they chose a career first serving the ships in the Saint John port, then wowing all of our customers through their great service in product delivery. With Earl nearing his retirement next month, the brother reflect fondly on their time together at Chandler.

 Roy and Earl

How many years have you been with Chandler?
Earl: 36 years
Roy: 34 years
Total 70 years


Did you start at Chandler because of your brother?
Earl: I started part time for the first three years (preparing the Christmas Turkeys for JDI). Roy started at a moving company but didn't have a good experience, so I brought him a Kent job application. Two years later Roy joined me at Chandler.


What do you like best about working at Chandler?
Roy: I most like the work and the people, especially the work ethic. I learned early in my career at JDI that wowing the customer is one of the most important things to do. It's still good advice.
Earl: I like the work and mostly the people. The people at Chandler have always been very helpful.


What is it like working with your brother in the same department for so long?
Roy: It works because, even though we work in the same department, we have different roles (shipping/receiving).
Earl: I enjoy working with my brother, he's a hard worker.