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Meet Yara Martakoush, Combat Systems Co-op Student with Irving Shipbuilding


From a part-time cashier job with Kent Building Supplies to an electrical engineering student position with Irving Pulp and Paper, Yara Martakoush has managed to land her third position within J.D. Irving as a Combat Systems Co-op Student with Irving Shipbuilding.

Yara Student 2


Nearing the end of her fall co-op term, Yara says she has advanced her expertise throughout her different roles in J.D. Irving. She continues to grow professionally in her current position with Irving Shipbuilding, and is looking forward to completing her last year in the electrical engineering program at Dalhousie University. 

As a Combat Systems Student, Yara works directly with senior managers in her department, learning how combat systems on vessels work together symbiotically. 

Yara has always had an interest in shipbuilding - her father is a Marine Engineer. From a young age, she often imagined the experience of working in the ocean industry from stories her father would share about his work. 

“On my way to Dalhousie every day, I would pass Halifax Shipyard,” said Yara. “It became a dream of mine to work here one day.”

Yara is also a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and carries several skills and capabilities into her work-term with Irving Shipbuilding.

Since starting her co-op position in September, Yara has become more familiar with the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) project – namely the electrical engineering of power distribution for equipment on the CSC ships. In addition, she has also learned about “quality of power” which determines the power quality standard each piece of equipment must meet on the ship. 

“Shipbuilding is a very unique, high tech and complex industry,” Yara believes. “It’s really exciting learning all of these things and this diversity will help me decide what I want to pursue for a career post-graduation.”

One thing Yara has appreciated the most about her Irving Shipbuilding, is that everyone is very eager to help, which is something she appreciates as a student.