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Midland’s First Six Million Miler and The Volvo APTA Driver of the Year


Aulder (J.R.) MacMaster has been a proud truck driver for Midland for over 40 years. He was recently recognized in two very special ways for his professionalism and focus on safety.


Each year, Midland celebrates and honours their driving professionals who go above and beyond to reach milestones in accident-free driving. This group of drivers is referred to as million milers and are acknowledged for each million miles, or 10 years, driven accident-free. Aulder recently became Midland’s first Six Million Miler.


Aulder is an extremely safe driver,” said Rod Hudson, Director of Driver Services for Midland. “He is recognized for being an outstanding performer and excels at everything he does on the job.”


“It’s easy to work here and drive safely,” said Aulder. “Midland is there to support us twenty-four hours a day.”


Aulder was also named the Volvo APTA Driver of the Year. The award recognizes drivers who epitomize excellence in the trucking industry. The driver must demonstrate a commitment to the industry and safety. He is featured in a video produced by Volvo Trucks Canada and the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association (APTA) to celebrate his achievement.


“The award could not go to a better person,” said Robert K. Irving, President of Midland. Aulder and Mr. Irving started at Midland on the same month in 1977. “In your 44 years, you have been the pride of the highway for Midland, thank you. You deserve this award.”


Thank you to Aulder and all Midland drivers for helping make the roads safe for everyone. When you see our green and white trucks on the road, you know a professional, like Aulder, is behind the wheel.