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National Engineering Month 2022 - Meet Some JDI Engineers!

March is National Engineering Month and we are excited to profile some of the talented engineering professionals across our operations! 

Meet Caitlin Pepper, a University of New Brunswick graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Caitlin joined the team at Irving Pulp & Paper after before hired before graduation in 2021 and is currently an Electrical and Instrumentation Reliability Engineer. Originally from Valley, Nova Scotia, she completed three work terms with Pulp & Paper and Sawmills before joining the team fulltime. "I chose to become an engineer because I love finding creative solutions to difficult problems. I was drawn to Electrical Engineering from the hands on laboratories at University where we learned the wonders of electricity," says Caitlin.

Jacob Wall is no stranger to the JDI operations. He worked three separate work-terms within the Pulp & Paper Division as a student at University of New Brunswick before he was hired before graduation in 2020. Jacob was also the first recipient of the JDI NB Scholarship at UNB and graduated with a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering. He currently works as an Associate Environmental Engineer at Irving Pulp & Paper and chose to pursue a career in engineering because "I loved math and science growing up. I wanted to be able to apply those passions to solving real-world problems."

Wall, Jacob_4779(1).jpeg

"The sawmill is full opportunities for growth, just like JDI. I went from tree planting to the maintenance crew in Chipman, where I’ve now completed multiple co-op terms. There’s never a dull moment, and I’m constantly being challenged by both my environment and my colleagues,” said Julia Hill who is an engineering student at the University of New Brunswick. Julia was recently profiled on our newsroom, check out the story here. Julia is a second generation JDI employee, her dad and brother both work at the Pulp Mill in Saint John. While on her co-ops she was an exemplary student, the kind that are welcomed back every time. We're excited to have Julia returning to Grand Lake Timber Sawmill full time after she graduates in 2023! 


A key part of our hiring strategy at JDI is to "Bring them Home".  Eric Roy is great example. He is the Business Improvement Manager for the Sawmill Division.  He joined JDI in 2013, after having completed his Engineering Degree at the Université de Moncton, but his story started long before accepting a job at the Sussex Sawmill. 

After graduating from Université de Moncton in 2004 with a Bio-Chemistry degree, he started working in the lab for a large pharmaceutical company. A few years in, the plant’s lead engineer was laid off, and over the holidays they needed an extra set of hands, so Eric volunteered to stick around and help out. He quickly discovered he liked the engineering side better than in the lab. After 3 years in the New Brunswick plant, he moved to Colorado, where he worked half in the lab, running the testing and half building the equipment with the engineering department. “The plan was always to come home to New Brunswick and get a job with JDI. I had to apply to several openings, and when I saw the Process Improvement role open up in Sussex I knew that job was for me,” says Eric, of his first role with JDI.

A little over a year into his role he was approached about a new project that the Sawmill Division was starting. They were planning a $37 million, 28-week modernization project of Grand Lake Timber (GLT). He was asked to leave the Sussex Sawmill to help the project team build the new mill.

“Every day is something new, so it keeps you busy. If you’re an engineer and you want a job that will keep you busy, then you want to work in a Sawmill. It’s high pace, high energy, it’s all about speed. Our students don’t push paper, or punch numbers. They do real projects. Plan. Install. Own the project. We don’t just find work for students, we find real, important, necessary projects and get these students to run with them," said Eric. 

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Josh Bowes (EIT) is from Rothesay, NB and graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of New Brunswick in 2021. While in school, Josh spent summer terms with JDI's Construction and Equipment Division, and as a Careers In Motion student with the Transportation & Logistics Division. Currently a Continuous Improvement Analyst with the Transportation Divisional Staff, Josh has spent the first months of his career assisting with discovery and testing of pioneering robotics technologies. He works closely with senior leaders across the organization to advise on possible use cases for technology within our operations. 

"JDI offers a large range of opportunities, and for students, this helps to better understand the types of career paths they want to pursue. My advice would be to keep an open mind, seek out opportunities that excite you and pursue your passions."

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Darien Edison (EIT) is from Saint John, NB and graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of New Brunswick in 2021. While in school, Darien worked as a Careers In Motion student for two summers, first with RST and then with Atlantic Towing.

"I enjoy the fast pace and ever-developing facet of the industry; I admire the organization's focus toward employee growth and development," says Edison. "I was more than thrilled to accept an offer and start my career with JDI upon graduation."

Currently an Associate Engineer In Training (EIT) with Atlantic Towing, Darien has spent the first months of his career assisting with engineering and project management for the installation of novel battery technologies aboard the Atlantic Shrike, one of the marine company's newest Platform Supply Vessels working in offshore Newfoundland and Labrador. The upgrades are expected to reduce the Shrike's annual emissions by up to 800 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

"They say 'join one, grow with many' here. By joining JDI, you're opening the door to grow your connections, develop new skills and knowledge through meaningful projects, and gain valuable experience in an organization that is chock-full of opportunities to realize your full potential."


Ashley McIntyre (P.Eng) is from the Annapolis Valley, NS and graduated with a Civil Engineering degree from the University of New Brunswick in 2015. Following graduation, Ashley worked in consulting and in government roles before joining JDI in 2021. Currently a Project Engineer with NBM Railways, Ashley has implemented and manages an annual schedule to increase equipment and labour utilization between the railway's Maintenance of Way and Rail Service work projects. This work is vital to maintaining NBM Railways' 500 miles of track across NB and Maine, ensuring supply chains remain in tact and goods continue to flow to market safely. 

"For engineers or students considering a role with JDI, I recommend creating good time management skills at work from the start, and asking a lot of questions."


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