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Biodiversity in the working forest: National Forest Week 2023

This year, J.D. Irving, Limited is celebrating National Forest Week with a spotlight on the diversity and resilience of the working forest. 

Through over 140 years of land management, J.D. Irving, Limited has learned that a healthy and vibrant working forest works for all. Communities, families, the economy and the environment all depend on forest diversity and resiliency especially in the face of challenges like climate change. 

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The forests where JDI operates are classified as Acadian forests, which are naturally diverse. A recent study by Dr. Timothy L. White, a former professor at the University of Florida, looked to quantify tree species diversity on J.D. Irving, Limited managed lands in New Brunswick. He found that 34 species of trees are found in New Brunswick forests, and that 31 (or 91%) are present on JDI lands. Further, it was found that planted stands are just as diverse and natural as spruce and fir forests and that there are an estimated 7.17 billion trees on JDI managed lands in New Brunswick. Proper planning for multiple forest management conditions (i.e. manual thinning, commercial thinning) allows for diversity of forest communities across the landscape. 

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This high forest land base diversity allows for diversity of wildlife as well. For example, our lands in the Black Brook district have 71% (70/98) of all songbirds found in that area of the province and 100% (23/23) of the wood warblers found in the area. J.D. Irving, Limited lands currently have more species richness and diversity than Fundy National and Mount Carleton Parks. 

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