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NB Birds Migrating up to 13,000km

As a team of foresters, songbirds are music to our ears and our woodlands are a living lab!  In partnership with Natural Resources Canada, Carleton University and Environment and Climate Change Canada our forests have been the source of over 500 hours of songbird recordings, identifying over 90 species of birds. 

 Watch the video on the songbird study:



The Olive-sided Flycatcher is one of the birds we discovered.  It flies up to 13,000km round trip from Black Brook to Peru every year!

Our voluntary and award-winning Unique Areas program has grown from 29 sites in the 1980’s to over 1500 sites to date on the lands we own and manage in NB, NS and Maine. We value the partnerships we have with many environmental and community groups as well as local universities in identifying, conserving and studying these special places. Be it waterfowl staging/breeding areas, hawks nests or trees inhabited by Chimney Swifts, we recognize the importance of maintaining these avian wonders on the landscape.