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New Business Requires New Hires

Kent Homes is currently building over 200 dorm-style bedrooms for a workers’ camp at an offshore oil and gas development in Bull Arm, Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Bouctouche, New Brunswick plant has been running at full capacity building over 40 dorm-style units a week.  Each unit includes a full washroom, a single bed, a night table, a desk, a flat-screen TV, shelving, and a full closet with drawers.

The completed units will later be attached to a laundry room and utility room, which are also being constructed at the Bouctouche plant. 

The current project is sustaining 225 jobs at Kent Homes at a time of year when there's typically a slow down in the construction industry; but the Kent Homes team remains successful providing quality building projects, something they've been doing for over 54 years.  Kent Homes plans to hire another 20 plant workers in the coming weeks to help ramp up for the summer. 

Recent hires include:
•  17 plant employees
•  1 accounts receivable employee
•  1 purchaser for commercial project

Besides recruiting for general and skilled labourers, Kent Homes is also looking to fill the following positions:
•  Fredericton Sales Manager and Sales Administrator
•  Commercial Estimater

Conrad Gallant, Kent Homes Plant Worker