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New Grads, New Hires! Welcoming UNB Grads!


We are delighted to have new hires celebrating their UNB graduations this week. As they cross the stage and become UNB alumni, they also become the newest members of the JDI team. 

They’ll be in good company; over 650 UNB graduates work across JDI operations. Thirty-three percent of those grads work in leadership roles. 

We asked some of our new grads how it feels to receive a job offer before graduation, and why they chose JDI to launch their career:

Brooke Harding



Eric Atkinson



Caroline Mallory




Tyler Carrier




Allison Bent




Michael DeLong




Samuel Springer



Congratulations on your graduation and welcome to the team!

Over the next three years, J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) is forecasting over 10,400 hires across the company's diverse operations in Canada and the U.S. 84% of the jobs are in Atlantic Canada.

Across the organization, the areas with the highest number of job opportunities include Operations, Shipping, Supply & Logistics, Retail Sales, and Finance. Explore your career path here: