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Next Generation Grows with Trees - Meet Julia Gilbert


Growing up, Julia Gilbert spent time with her father and sister working in the forests on her family farm in Wickham, New Brunswick.This is where Julia says she learned the value of family and hard work -- things she believes create the essence of New Brunswick culture. This is where she calls home. 

 Julia Gilbert Outside Headshot


Julia often thinks of this as she begins her career as a Business Analyst in Irving Forest Services. Having had the farm in her family for over 70 years, being able to study and work in New Brunswick has been an important aspect of Julia's career path, and finding a company that shares the same values is why she chose J.D.Irving Limited. Julia says she can't imagine being anywhere else. 

"I think growing up on a farm has given me a special understanding of our forests," says Julia. "It's a big part of our culture and a passion of mine to work in the woods. To be able to bring that into my career is more than I could ask for. Coming from farm to office, it’s nice to carry the values with me."

 Julia Gilbert Childhood 1
 Julia with her siblings, working on their family farm in Wickham, NB


 Julia Gilbert Childhood 2


Graduating from the University of New Brunswick, Julia was hired before graduation here at JDI after spending four work terms exploring our diverse operations. While studying a Bachelor of Business Administration, Julia gained experience working at the Paper Mill, Lake Utopia, Pulp and Paper Mill and with the IFS team at head office. The expansive opportunities to experience all aspects of our company was what encouraged Julia to keep coming back each semester. 

"With all the opportunities and not knowing what I really wanted to do, JDI gave me the option to explore different career paths and help me grow," says Julia. 

By working in various mills, getting one on one tours of our locations and working in office, Julia says she feels like she has learned and grown in every aspect of the company. 

Julia is now approaching one year as a full time employee and has one piece of advice for students or recent graduates, like her self -- take advantage of the opportunity to grow. 

"I’m still learning and growing and I’m proud to be part of a team that shares the same values and pride for our new Brunswick culture."


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