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Northern NB Winter Donations

In early January, our holiday elf, Alain Ouellette, decided to continue his community giving, visiting numerous places around Northern New Brunswick to donate to several of the communities we work and live in. His first stop was l'Ecole Grande-Riviere, where he presented the Community Development Officer, Anika Marquis, with a $2500 cheque to help the school reinstate the hot lunch program.

Photo Don JDIrving.jpeg

Photographed Mme Chantal Akerley, directrice-adjointe à l'EGR; Anika Marquis, Agente de Développement Communautaire à l'EGR, et Alain Oullette, JDI.

Alain then made his way into Kedgwick, where he stopped at the highway rest stop, which has again been sponsored by J.D. Irving. A great little spot on the side of the highway in Kedgwick, where visitors have access to restrooms, playgrounds, and a lovely view of the lake in the summer. In winter months, it's used as a parking lot for activities on the lake and a rest stop for drivers.

Alte Routiere Kedgwick.jpeg

He then stopped by the Kedgwick rink, where JDI Sawmills' donation provided the Palais des Loisiers with a donation to help with upkeep. For many years JDI had been donating to the Palais des Loisiers, ensuring that the facility remained available to the community.

"When it comes time to start a project and we reach out to a partner like Irving, we know that we can take the project to its full potential. We know that it will benefit as much of the community as possible," says Kedgwick Mayor Eric Gagnon.

NNB Donation Zamboni.jpeg

While in Kedgwick, he stopped by the lakes where the Sawmill Division donated the supplies for the new ice shack. The man-made lakes in the town centre of Kedgwick were rebuilt several years ago after a storm, this year the Town received approval to stock them with trout for ice fishing. When the town approached JDI about wanting an ice shack on the lake for the elderly and those with mobility issues, JDI was happy to provide. 


JDI Sawmill Division is a proud partner of the communities we live and work in.