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Our New Student and Recent Grad Website: Three Reasons to Check it Out


1. See The Stories of University and College Grads Excelling Early in Their Careers

As part of our new website we showcase the recent grads making a difference as part of the JDI team. Many of these recent grads started out as co-op or summer students and had full-time offers in-hand before they graduated. Others discovered a career at JDI through a JDI Case Competition or connecting at a career fair.  



2. Now Navigate by Industry or Skill

A new feature on our website is the ability to search for jobs either by industry or discipline. We have a lot to offer. And we want to connect the right people with the right career. This feature allows you to follow your interests to the perfect career for you. 

3. You Have Potential. We Have Opportunity. 

We’re developing the next generation of leaders. And we have ample opportunities for yopros (young professionals); in the next three years we’re forecasted to fill almost 8,600 jobs across all levels in the organization. We also forecast over 650 student positions each year for the next three years. 

Connect with us on social and share our new website with students and soon-to-be grads who are ready to excel in their careers: