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Proud to be 2012 French Fry Supplier of the Year for WENDY´S North America!

Cavendish Farms potato plants in New Annan, PEI and Jamestown, North Dakota were recently recognized as the top two French fry suppliers for WENDY'S in North America.

The award takes into consideration:
•  product quality and consistency
•  plant sanitation and cleanliness
•  adherence to WENDY’s operational requirements

Congratulations to the New Annan team of 730 employees, 89 contract growers, and 978 suppliers and the Jamestown team of 210 employees, 37 contract growers, and 724 suppliers for achieving first and second place, respectively, out of the eight production facilities that produce French fries for WENDY’s. 

WENDY's has been a valued customer of Cavendish Farms since 1996.  In 2011 the team at Cavendish was recognized with WENDY's Golden Link Award for Supply Chain Excellence.

Visit the Cavendish Farms [website] to learn more about its everyday commitment to delivering excellent quality products and superior customer service.

If you are interested in a career with Cavendish Farms, view their current [job postings].