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Saint John’s Guildfords Insulation Keeps Workers Home in NB with Irving Pulp and Paper Contract


SAINT JOHN, NB: Phase 2 of the Irving Pulp & Paper Mill Modernization project is about  95% complete in Saint John, NB. The new digester equipment and technology is on schedule for commissioning and start-up over the next few weeks.

The project is part of a $450 million modernization – the largest pulp mill investment in Canada since 1993.

To date, JDI has awarded over $90 million in contracts to 166 New Brunswick companies since the beginning of the modernization in 2014.

Guildfords Insulation of Saint John is delivering on a $575,000 contract from Irving Pulp & Paper, Limited to supply and install insulation and stainless steel cladding for 30,000 square feet of Phase 2 piping and equipment.  To date, the Guildford Insulation contract has generated over 10,500 person hours of work for local insulators and apprentices with support from supervisor and office staff positions.

“A project like this keeps local businesses going.  It’s very important to have local contractors participating.  It keeps our workers home - they don’t have to leave New Brunswick,” said Danny Burchill, Site Superintendent, Guildfords Insulation. “We’re proud to be one of the many New Brunswick companies working on the Irving Pulp Mill modernization project.” 

The current Phase 2 of the modernization has created about 450 direct and indirect construction jobs at the pulp mill site in west side Saint John.

Engineering and some civil work has started on Phase 3 of the modernization project. The $250 million pulp dryer project is expected to provide an estimated 600,000 person hours of work over 30 months.

The Irving Pulp and Paper mill is a central part of JDI’s forest products value chain in New Brunswick, generating over $400 million in annual purchases and supporting over 1,700 suppliers across 250 communities in the province that we are proud to call home.

Between 2016-2018, JDI forecasts hiring over 3,700 new team members for its New Brunswick operations – including engineers and trades from NBCC.

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