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Scholarships for September




Since 2013, the Pulp and Paper Division at JDI has awarded $35,000 to 35 students who are the children of our valued employees. Last Thursday night, this year’s round of talented students received a $1,000 scholarship for their books and education.

Each of the students have parents who work in the Pulp and Paper Division, and some of the students are currently completing work terms and co-op terms in the division this summer. Below are the names of all of the students who received scholarships from the Pulp and Paper Division of the J.D. Irving, Limited group of companies. 

  Employee Children Scholarships
Mark Mosher, Vice President, Pulp and Paper Division with the scholarship presenters, and the children of Pulp and Paper Division employees who were each awarded $1,000 towards their education this September. Missing from photo: Eric Brideau.


Irving Pulp & Paper

Jordan Kierstead – Parent: Clayton Kierstead
Eric Brideau – Parent: Michael Brideau 

Irving Paper

Tyler Carrier – Parent: Jean Marc Carrier 
Colby Rice – Parent: Allan Rice 

Lake Utopia

Alex Newman – Parent: Paul Newman 

Irving Tissue

Josh Bennett – Parent: Kyle Bennet 

Irving Forest Services

David Phillips – Parent: Barry Phillips 
Alex Butler - Parent: Mark Butler 
Gabrielle Vautour - Parent: Nancy Vautour

Jordan Kierstead is featured in our video of the awards. He works at the Irving Pulp & Paper Mill as an NBCC mechanical technician co-op student. His father Clayton, the reason why he was eligible for the award tonight, has worked as a mechanical technician at the mill for nearly 12 years. Jordan will be using his scholarship at NBCC Saint John for the Mechanical Technician program. He would love to work for JDI someday in the future. 

“I had a great opportunity tonight to give out nine scholarships to students who are children of some of our employees of the Pulp and Paper Division. It’s a great program that we’ve been doing now for the past four years. We’ve given out 35 scholarships. It recognizes both our valued employees and the next generation as they pursue their academic studies.”– Mark Mosher, VP of the Pulp and Paper Division.

JDI is working hard to keep young people home by growing their skills at home with great local education partners. Many of these students are the future of the JDI companies, and their testimonies speak to the fact that they look forward to working with JDI in the future, thanks to scholarships like this.

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