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Shining light on skilled trades and technology

Every year, J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) celebrates National Skilled Trades and Technology Week by recognizing the workers who keep operations running smoothly. From food to forests, fabrication to transportation and more, JDI’s skilled trades and technology employees are dedicated to producing quality products and providing complete service solutions in a sustainable manner that benefits our customers, our communities and the environment.

JDI Skilled Trades & Technology Week 2023 Employee Spotlight

Amelie Gallant
Designer | Kent Homes

Amelie is an interior designer whose creative skills make her a key player on the Kent Homes engineering team. She designs dream kitchens and orders the parts to create them, provides creative consultations and drafts modular bungalows and mini homes.

Amelie is one of 400+ skilled trades & technology workers in the JDI Construction & Equipment Division.

Brandon King
Red Seal Electrician | Irving Pulp & Paper

Meet Brandon, a Red Seal industrial electrician with the Irving Pulp & Paper team in Saint John, New Brunswick. He says that every day in the skilled trades brings new challenges: “You are constantly adapting to new situations and solving new problems.”

Brandon is part of the team of 220+ skilled trades and technology workers in the JDI Pulp & Paper Division.

Brayden Weston
Red Seal Machinist | Custom Fabricators & Machinists (CFM)

Both Brayden’s father and uncle worked at CFM, making him a second-generation tradesperson in the business. He knew in high school that he wanted to become a Red Seal machinist. After six years with CFM, he finally achieved that goal in spring 2023.

Brayden is among the 140+ skilled tradespeople in the JDI Construction & Equipment Division with their Red Seal certification.

Erin Popika
Silviculture Supervisor | Sussex Woodlands

Meet Erin Popika, a silviculture supervisor with 19 years of experience at JDI Woodlands based out of Sussex, New Brunswick. Her division uses world-class tools and technology to ensure the renewal of the forests for future generations.

“The forest and environment industry has many different parts and occupations. It’s important to move with and be open to change,” said Erin.

Jonathan Lavigne
Truck & Transport Mechanic | Midland

Meet Jonathan, a Red-Seal-certified truck and trailer mechanic with Midland in Moncton, New Brunswick. He’s a valued member of the skilled trades and technology workforce that keeps Midland’s fleet on the road.

“High schools and guidance counsellors should put a larger focus on skilled trades as career options,” Jonathan said.

Josh Spike
Truck & Transport Technician | Universal Truck & Trailer

Meet Josh, a Red Seal truck and transport technician with Universal Truck & Trailer in Saint John, New Brunswick. He says that his job is about problem-solving: “You have to be able to adapt to any job that comes into the service bay.”

Josh is one of 300+ skilled trades and technology workers within the JDI Transportation and Logistics Division.

Krista Langille
Red Seal Welder | Halifax Shipyard

Meet Krista, a welder with Irving Shipbuilding in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Since earning her Red Seal in 2016, mentoring others has become her passion: “I love helping people who are new to welding or new to the company. At the same time, I’m always learning too.”

Krista is one of 1,350+ skilled trades and technology workers on the team at Irving Shipbuilding.

Join One, Grow with Many

Are you interested in pursuing a career in skilled trades and technology? We have a diverse group of companies spanning multiple industries and want to help employees reach their career aspirations. JDI offers numerous development opportunities to help employees grow in their current roles and prepare for their next step within their business, division or across the organization.

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