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Small Business - Big Impact


Small businesses, from communities large and small, are vital to our operations. In New Brunswick alone JDI works with over 4,600 local businesses, the majority are less than 50 employees. The purchase of goods and services from these valued New Brunswick suppliers, from over 250 communities, amounted to over $1.4 billion (2018) - an increase of 17% over the previous year.

From Fredericton to 14 Countries and 6 Continents


Based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Remsoft is an innovative software company that today partners with forestry companies around the world on sustainable forest management. From a 2-person start-up in Fredericton in 1992, the company has grown to a team of 54 with customers in 14 countries and a market presence in 6 continents.




“JD Irving was among the first companies in Canada to leverage advanced technology in all areas of their forestry operations and they continue to lead the way, bringing the best technologies on board to support continual improvement across their business.," explains Andrea Feunekes, CEO of Remsoft.

Always ahead of the curve, JD Irving has been instrumental in helping us adapt our software to meet new industry challenges. They continually challenge us to be our best and in return have been a strong supporter, helping us to innovate and grow not only in Canada but worldwide." 


Working Together, Growing Together



Our operations in the woodlands would not be possible without the 300+ harvesting and trucking business owners who represent hundreds of workers. Phil Toussaint is one of them. Based in Edmundston, New Brunswick his business started five years ago and has grown to employ five people. Phil believes it is important that small companies and big companies work together.

"We need the big companies to support the smaller businesses," says Phil.



Malcolm Cole is a forwarder contractor based out of Chipman. He employs two operators in the Minto region.


Our Mill Operations Depend on Contractors - 45 Small Businesses, Over 1000 Contractors

Every annual shut and capital investment at our pulp and paper mills involves a many local contractors.

As part of the recent $22 million investment on the west side of Saint John at Irving Tissue and Irving Pulp & Paper, JDI employed over 1,000 contractors from 45 companies from St. Stephen to Bathurst.




MQM Quality Manufacturing



Meet Donald Theriault, Safety Manager at MQM Quality Manufacturing from Tracadie, New Brunswick. MQM Quality Manufacturing is a Canadian leader in steel structure fabrication and the installation sector. Ensuring our employees and contractors go home safe at the end of the day is most important to us. We are proud to work with local businesses that hold the same value in safety.

"JDI is one of the biggest companies in the province and one of the biggest employers. Being able to work for them is a pleasure, and a gift. Safety is our number one priority, and that is the same for JDI."


Sunny Corner Enterprises



Since 1965, Sunny Corner Enterprises has specialized in the industrial sector for construction, maintenance and manufacturing needs. We are proud to have partnered with them on our most recent shutdown at Irving Pulp & Paper in Saint John. Bill Schenkels is Vice President of Business Development & Technical Sales at Sunny Corner in Miramichi, New Brunswick. 

"As a New Brunswick business, heavy industrial clients like J.D. Irving give us opportunities to grow our employment of local trades for over many years.  In turn, when our business is successful, we’re also supporting local suppliers," Bill explains.


Babcock & Wilcox



Babcock & Wilcox had over 150 trades people onsite during our Annual Shutdown in September at Irving Pulp & Paper and Irving Tissue. Babcock & Wilcox is a leader in services for power and industrial markets. Adrien Belliveau is a Project Manager at Babcock & Wilcox in Saint John, New Brunswick.

"The partnership with Irving is what keeps us going in Saint John and in New Brunswick. Most of our tradesman and companies are all local," says Adrien.


Lorneville Mechanical



Lorneville Mechanical was founded by two brothers in 1977, right here in New Brunswick. Lorneville was one of 45 local New Brunswick companies contracted during our recent $22 Million shutdown at Irving Pulp & Paper and Irving Tissue in Saint John. Meet Brad Van Steeg, Project Manager at Lorneville Mechanical! 

"JDI is one of Lorenville's biggest clients within Saint John, and we enjoy working for them each year. Being able to have a significant presence during their recent shutdown, continues to strengthen our brand and grow our relationship with JDI." says Brad.


Local Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Kelly Lawson Photography



Entrepreneur Kelly Lawson is a talented photographer, instructor and proud owner of Kelly Lawson Photography. Kelly has captured our team at work and in the community for many years.

"Working with JDI is always a positive and professional experience, and it has significantly helped me to realize my own business dreams. For this, I will be forever very grateful," explains Kelly.


From Coop Student to Young Entrepreneur



Isaac Gallagher, owner of Dark Fire Films, is a talented videographer studying business at University of New Brunswick in Fredericton. Isaac spent his last two summers with us as our Coop student videographer. Today, Isaac is in business for himself and continues to work with us on sharing the stories of our team of amazing employees,the communities where we are proud to live and work and  our small business partners.

“Telling stories through video has always been a passion of mine and I'm grateful to have local businesses that support my passion. Without that support, making videos may have just remained a hobby," says Isaac.


They Keep our Operations Moving

Owner Operators are small business owners that often fly (or drive) under the radar. They own and maintain their own vehicles and partner with trucking companies, maintaining their autonomy and often growing their operations over time. 

RST Sunbury relies on strong partnerships with its 270+ Owner Operators to provide excellent customer service.


Jody Blackmore Trucking



Jody Blackmore is an owner operator who transports lumber from Grand Lake Timber to the New Brunswick Southern Railway yard. 


Kevin Bertin

 Kevin Bertin, Owner Operator, pictured left, with Eric Morton , a Fleet Manager with RST Sunbury 


Kevin Bertin, Owner Operator, pictured left, with Eric Morton , a Fleet Manager with RST Sunbury

"When I was in grade nine, I used to drive with my grandfather in his dump truck and I'd see the Sunbury trucks on the highway. I just loved them." says Kevin Bertin, an Owner Operator working with Sunbury. "Hearing about the company over my 15 years in the industry, I took a look and became an owner-operator in 2012. I've found the company to be safety-focused and supportive. The people in the office really go out of their way to help you if you have an issue. That's extremely important, especially if you're on the road. You have to have a dedicated and qualified team in order to make your business and the whole team successful," says Kevin.


Three Generations Strong: The Hutchings

 Steve (L), Pop (M) and Jesse (R) Hutchings. Steve and Jesse work with RST as Owner Operators in NL.


Laurenceton, Newfoundland & Labrador is home to father and son, Steve and Jesse Hutchings. They run fuel as Owner Operators, partnering with RST’s light fuel division. 

"I’ve been an Owner Operator now for 24 years, hauling in the petroleum industry – everything from jet fuel, diesel and light petroleum product. About six months ago, Jesse, my son, showed a nice bit of interest it. He said he’d like to get involved in the tanker industry as well. So, I made some phone calls and RST was interested in him...He worked with me almost three months, learning the ins and outs, the training and driving aspects, learning the roads and destinations across Newfoundland.  After that, he started off driving on his own." says Steve Hutchings.

"One of the most special things [for me]," adds Jesse, "Is that my Pop trained my Dad, and then just a year or so ago, my Dad got to train me. You don’t hear that too often, especially over three generations.  That’s one of those things that’s stood out the most, just getting to spend that time and RST letting me train with my Dad and putting their trust in us and what we’re doing… That memory of him training me will stand years down the road."  

There is a growing need for Owner Operators across the country, and RST Sunbury is projecting to hire additional Owner Operators over the next 3 years. 

"We value the work, professionalism and expertise our Owner Operators bring to our business, and I'm glad we have opportunities like Small Business Week to showcase their contributions," says Andrew Fisher, General Manager of both RST and Sunbury. "The work they do, and their interactions with our customers, makes a difference." 


Strong Foundations with Construction and Equipment 

Our Construction and Equipment division has built strong relationships with more than 30 small businesses across Atlantic Canada. 

Maritime Industrial Machining:

Maritime Machining has been in operation under current ownership for 22 years, however, the company goes back over 100 years! "As a small business, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with several companies within JDI, giving us exposure to the different operations. We operate throughout Saint John and have a team of 20 men and women," says Simon Biggs, Operations Supervisor at Maritime Machining. 


Glenwood Kitchens Ltd.



"We have been working with Kent Homes for over 7 years. As a small business in a small town, we are grateful to be associated with Kent Homes who help us grow our business every year," says James McKenna, Owner of Glenwood Kitchen Ltd.


Stew’s Cleaning Service Ltd.

Stew Kincade, owner of Stew’s Cleaning Service Ltd., opened the doors to his dream business over 20 years ago! Currently, Stew’s is made up of 15 employees serving the Saint John, NB area!  

“Owning a small business in New Brunswick is very rewarding. We take pride in our community, by helping to make a positive difference within our city and surrounding areas! We have been working with J.D. Irving for 20 years, and they give us opportunities to work in industrial, residential and commercial settings, while working alongside great people and a great company,”  explains Stew Kincade, Owner, Stew’s Cleaning Service Ltd.


Building Homes Together at Kent Building Supplies

KENT is proud to support local contractors through the Installed Sales program. KENT works directly with Atlantic Canadian trades to fulfill the work orders received for in-home installation. KENT currently sub-contracts with over 250 local businesses and are always looking to work with more of these small businesses. Contractors are the cornerstone to building strong communities and we are proud to support them in any way we can! 




Thank you to all the small businesses we work with for taking on challenging roles and growing with us at home. Happy Small Business Week!