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Statement From New Brunswick Lumber Producers (NBLP)

Today the Province of New Brunswick announced its plan regarding sawmills impacted by softwood lumber duties on shipments to the United States.  A dedicated effort on this important file is crucial to the survival of New Brunswick’s forest products sector as we know it today. 


Sawmills are the lifeblood of many rural communities.  Hundreds of New Brunswick woodlot owners and wood producers depend on these sawmills.  A successful sawmill is the vital source of wood chips to the value chain of products made throughout New Brunswick – from particleboard in St. Stephen to tissue in Dieppe, pulp in Edmundston and paper in Saint John.  Thousands of New Brunswick jobs and local suppliers depend on this sector which impacts more communities than any other industry in the province.


Maintaining New Brunswick’s historic 35-year exclusion requires the unity and support of all political parties.  


NBLP is supportive of the Province's plan to defend New Brunswick's exclusion from softwood lumber duties which will ensure the livelihoods of thousands of New Brunswickers.


The industry welcomes longer term initiatives to develop new lumber and biofuel markets.  We are also fully supportive of having an independent 3rd party firm to review the current NB Forest Products Market.   We appreciate this commitment to a rigorous, fact-based review.  We will cooperate fully with this important initiative to address concerns raised by the U.S. Department of Commerce. 


NBLP is focused on working with all stakeholders in the Province to ensure our continued exclusion from U.S. softwood lumber duties to sustain good paying jobs across New Brunswick.


The ten (10) member sawmills of NBLP represent 95% of softwood lumber production in New Brunswick.




Mike Legere

Executive Director/Directeur executive
Forest NB
 / Forêt NB