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Staying Ahead of the Game: Zach Spike talks State-of-the-Art Technology


Meet Zacharey Spike: our #CoolJob feature and a key player in the designs and concepts of buildings at J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI).

Born and raised in Pembroke Ontario, Zach came to New Brunswick seven years ago. After graduating from NBCC Moncton’s Building System’s program, he began working at JDI as an Engineering Technologist in July of 2016.

 Zach Spike


As an Engineering Technologist, Zach’s job is to create the concepts and designs for buildings across all divisions. To create projects, he uses world class technology like AutoCAD, Revit, and LiDAR. Revit allows Zach to create to scale 3D models of each project. These models demonstrate all the intricate details of a build – down to the number of studs needed in a wall. Software like this optimizes the design process by allowing for greater visibility, which can eliminate costly project changes.

His most recent project has been the Doaktown Sawmill Modernization. Zach was able to use this technology to pitch innovative ways to improve workflow. Zach recently created a shorter infeed line for lumber moving through the mill - saving time and improving production.

 Doaktown Sawmill Zach Spike


Because the Doaktown Sawmill has so many intricate details specific to sawmills, Zach has had the opportunity to expand his knowledge and experience outside of his current corporate field.

“Before, I had no idea how a sawmill worked, and now I know all of the intricate ins and outs of it.  Getting exposure to JDI's many different operations is one of the best parts of the job!,” says Zach.

The opportunity for continuous learning, and the encouragement he gets from his manager, Doug Dean, to keep investing in technology is what keeps Zach drawn in this field. Zach says this is what puts the team at JDI ahead of the curve. 

“He is committed to investing in us and provide 3rd party training on new software.”

Zach’s advice to people interested in becoming an Engineering Technologist is to never stop learning.

“Technology is always changing, there’s new things you can learn about software, and there’s always a better way to do things,” says Zach.

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