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Students Thank Mrs. Jean E.S. Irving

Petitcodiac Regional School receives a donation that puts the most current technology in every classroom.

Petitcodiac, NB – Today students from Petitcodiac Regional School held a celebration to thank Mrs. Jean E.S. Irving in their own special ways. Elementary school students sang her a song, middle school students created a movie trailer, high school teachers and students created a video and two high school students performed a duet. What was consistent was their appreciation of her gift that makes their school one of the most technologically advanced in the province.

“Mrs. Irving grew up in Petitcodiac and went to school here. She has maintained her roots in our community and continuously gives to the area,” said Ewen Cameron, Middle and High School Principal of Petitcodiac Regional School. “This donation to Petitcodiac Regional School is her most recent in a series of gifts. The technology she has contributed grants our students and teachers the capability of developing to their fullest potential with the aid of the most current technology.”

Through Mrs. Irving’s gift, which was made possible with the generous support of Cavendish Farms and Master Packaging, the school will receive an Apple TV and projector for every classroom, two iPad carts complete with 60 iPads, an iPad for every teacher and eight MacBook Pro computers.

“In partnership with the Anglophone East School District, the Province of New Brunswick and Petitcodiac Regional School, Mrs. Irving also helped upgrade the wireless network infrastructure including adding new access points throughout the school to support the technology,” said Gregg Ingersoll, Superintendent of the Anglophone East School District.

Petitcodiac Regional School is a kindergarten to grade 12 school with a population of 585 students.

“My mother is very proud of her roots in Petitcodiac and her ties to the school and helping young people become the best they can be is something she’s dedicated her life to,” said Robert K. Irving, Co-Chief Executive Officer of J.D. Irving, Limited. “She firmly believes in giving back to the community and is very pleased to have been able to support the school in various ways over the years.”


For more information contact:

Stephanie Patterson
Anglophone East School District
(506) 869-6004

Marc Doucette
J.D. Irving, Limited
(506) 862-2960