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Supporting Innovation: J.D. Irving Sponsors Paradigm Hyperloop


Ever wonder what it would be like to travel via a fifth mode of transportation? The Paradigm Hyperloop team has been working hard to make it a reality. And they have been internationally recognized for their work!


Paradigm Hyperloop is a team of students from Memorial University of Newfoundland, College of the North Atlantic, and Northeastern University of Boston that has been planning, designing, and developing a hyperloop pod, which is a conceptual fifth mode of transportation that involves levitating train-like vehicles that travel through low pressure vacuum tubes. The team has been at the project for two years!

J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) is proud to sponsor the innovative work that the Paradigm Hyperloop team is doing. 

The global SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition is put on by SpaceX for students to get involved and build hyperloop test vehicles. There are three academic competition, all independent of the other. These competitions allow engineering students across the world the means to see who can push the Hyperloop concept closer to reality by designing, building, and testing their own prototype; not to mention recognition on an international level. 

Not only is the Paradigm Hyperloop team the only Canadian team to make it to the second competition, they were placed in the top 24 and advanced directly to the finals without having to conduct further technical assessment. The competition took place in Hawthorne, California at the SpaceX Headquarters between August 25th and 27th. The Paradigm Hyperloop team was incredibly successful in this round, finishing second in the world and first in North America!

"The team was incredibly successful this past week and I am so proud of everyone who is a part of it." says Adam Keating, Project Lead for Paradigm Hyperloop.

“We are the first and only air bearing pod to successfully complete a High Speed Vacuum run in the Hyperloop Test track. We reached 101km/h with the largest and heaviest pod in the competition, weighing in at 1,800lbs and 20ft in length. Many other teams chose to pursue Maglev or wheel systems, Paradigm however chose to stick to the original path and prove the original concept was a viable premise.” adds Mark Comeau, Manufacturing Lead.

Competition three details are not finalized yet but it is expected to be similar format to competition two. As such, the Paradigm Hyperloop team is well-positioned to make a finals appearance once again given their successes in the first two competitions!

Want to learn more about the Paradigm Hyperloop Team? Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn page.


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