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Supporting Local Winter Activities

Working with local cross country ski and snowmobile clubs to safely enjoy trails on the lands we own or manage.

Throughout Maine, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, winter sports are a popular way to get out and enjoy our longest season.  Skiing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing are also a source of tourism in many communities.  The average snowmobiler will spend $50 to $100 a day (not including accommodations).

Every fall, JDI foresters meet with local cross country ski and snowmobile clubs to collaborate and come up with solutions regarding existing or proposed recreation trails and the working forestry operations. JDI has been working with some of these clubs in New Brunswick for almost 20 years.

A sustainable working forest provides economic, social, and environmental benefits to the local citizens.  JDI is pleased to be working with local recreation groups and will continue to ensure that public forests are there for all to enjoy.