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Supporting the Tiniest Patients

The J.D. Irving, Limited group of companies lead the way at the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation's last and most successful Rally of Hope in 2009.  JDI’s contribution has helped the hospital make significant advances in technology that will benefit our tiniest patients.

Almost half of the rooms of a new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit were outfitted through funds raised by JDI teams:

J.D. Irving, Limited - Resuscitation Room
This room is for babies that are not breathing or showing a heartbeat at birth.  Babies are transported here directly from labour and delivery.

Irving Pulp & Paper - Medical Education Room
This room contains materials to service both staff and patients’ families.

J.D. Irving, Limited - Standard Care Room
A room for babies that are stepping down from requiring complex care.

Irving Paper - Standard Care Room
Another room for babies that are stepping down from requiring complex care.

Chandler Sales - Standard Care Room with photo therapy bed to treat jaundice
This light bed now gives babies light treatment from all directions.

Irving Transportation Services - Isolation Room
The purpose of this room is to isolate a baby with an infection or a baby that has been transported from another facility to prevent the spread of infection.  The room also includes a specialized chamber for staff and families to wash their hands and put on/remove hospital gowns when entering and exiting the isolation room.