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Sustainable Forestry in Northern Maine

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As an integrated value chain, J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) relies on sustainability, not only for a healthy environment, but to support a strong economy.

Foresters in JDI’s Northern Maine woodlands say growing conditions this season were ideal for young mixed softwood plantations

Josh Philbrook, a Forester with JDI Woodlands, explains that in general, trees grow very well in Northern Maine.  “The trees are about 12 feet tall already, just after seven years. These trees have grown 36-40” in one year.” 

Philbrook attributes exceptional tree growth to improvements in JDI nurseries. “The trees we’ve grown in our nurseries are selected best from trees in forests across the region and grow several times faster than the natural forest, allowing us to excel the cycle of sustainability, and produce more wood that sustains jobs at our mills,” said Philbrook.

Irving Woodlands plants about 3 million trees every year in Maine and accounts for over 70% of reforestation in the state

Irving Woodlands has operated in Aroostook County for almost 70 years and today our forest products operations in the state account for over 2300 jobs (direct & indirect) and about $70 million in annual purchases from local suppliers.

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