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Thank You to our Dedicated Team of Tree Planters this Summer!


J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) began its tree planting program almost 70 years ago. To date, we have planted over 960 million trees – a national record in Canada.

JDI would like to thank all of our tree planters this summer. We are showing how much we as a company value student tree planters by giving 61 students a total of $51,500 in scholarships this year. Since 2010, Irving Woodlands has awarded $407,250 to 463 student tree planters.

Scholarships are available to full-time students - at the high school, university, or community college levels - who work as tree planters during their summer school break and remain for the full planting season.

For high school students it's $500; for first-time university or college students $750; for returning tree planters in university or college it’s $1000. The scholarship is paid to the registrar of their university or college towards their tuition. High school students receive a certificate, and know their scholarship is waiting for them when they go on to post-secondary education. Their accumulated awards will be paid towards their tuition costs. 

"Tree planting is part of our long-term commitment to sustainability. It’s an investment in the future forest and the wood supply that sustains an integrated value chain from the seedling to paper and consumer tissue.” said Jason Killam, JDI Silviculture Manager. “We appreciate the dedication of the student tree planters who are helping grow the future forest. The seedlings they have planted are the source of clean water, air and jobs for Maritime families.”

Each tree planter averages between 12,000 and 15,000 trees per week.  Top performing tree planters can plant up to 5,000 seedlings a day. On May 20, 2015 over 53,000 seedlings were planted by 100 tree planters in 60 minutes, breaking a world record. The previous Guinness World Record of trees planted in one hour was set in 2012 in India where 40,000 trees were planted.   


As the reforestation leader in Canada, JDI has planted almost 1 billion trees since 1957 – a national record.