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The Growing Green Awards

“The soil is the great connector of lives, the source and destination of all.”

- Wendell Berry

The Growing Green Awards are given in recognition of exceptional commitment and leadership by a farm to grow food while demonstrating a deep respect for the land, its harvest, our natural resources and our community. Since 2018, the awards have been presented to growers in each of Cavendish Farms’ growing regions who demonstrate dedication and leadership in crop sustainability throughout the supply chain process.

Applicants are evaluated on the results of their most recent Potato Sustainability Initiative Survey scores and annual Cavendish Farms’ survey that evaluates growers on numerous sustainability metrics. Other factors taken into consideration are their practices related to air and water quality, soil health, habitat conservation and wildlife protection. The winning farms receive $5,000 to support on-farm environmental projects.

“Too often, people don’t understand all the work that farmers do to take care of the environment,” said Jubs Bristow, Vice President of Agriculture for Cavendish Farms. “That is why we established the Cavendish Farms Growing Green Award, to help growers demonstrating environmental leadership get the recognition and support they deserve.”


CF - Growing Green Award 


Gord McKenna of Country View Farms demonstrated progress in reducing soil erosion, improving soil health and conserving natural areas. Additionally, he had the highest score on the most recent Potato Sustainability Initiative Survey. Congratulations on proving leadership in ongoing potato farming sustainability.