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The Irving Equipment team is back for another season with The Curse of Oak Island


Treasure Hunting Made Simple

Since the late 1700s, thousands have been drawn to Oak Island and the lingering legacy of buried treasure. The legendary trove – rumoured to contain Marie Antoinette’s jewels, undiscovered Shakespearean writings, and Templar artifacts – has piqued curiosity and claimed lives. In 2014, brothers Rick and Marty Lagina claimed rights to much of the island, hoping to solve the mystery once and for all. They partnered with the History Channel network to bring viewers and vicarious treasure hunters the now-famous show, The Curse of Oak Island.

Oak Island Season 6 Filming 

Irving Equipment, a J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) company, has been part of the show since Season 4, providing showrunners with world class equipment and expertise. Recently, in the show’s Season 6 premier, Irving Equipment welcomed cast members to their newly-finished Lift Lab in Saint John, NB. Employees were featured on television walking the cast through their plans for the duration of the season, and bringing the island to life using augmented reality. A holographic map of the island was used to visualize plans for a large dam, and the placement of large cranes on the site known as the money pit. It's truly treasure hunting made simple!

 Oak Island Season 6 Special Premier

On November 16th, employees of JDI’s Construction and Equipment Division hosted a VIP advanced screening of The Curse of Oak Island, 5 days prior to the episode’s screening on Canadian network television. More than 340 people took part, braving the year’s first snow storm to visit Saint John’s Imperial Theatre and see their co-workers on the big screen. 

Oak Island Season 6 Special Premier - 2 

Oak Island Season 6 Special Premier - 3 


 Oak Island Season 6 Special Premier - 4

Will these modern day treasure hunters finally unearth the truth? Watch “The Curse of Oak Island” Season 6, Episode 1.