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They Crossed the Stage into New Careers - Welcome to the Team!


Congratulations to our new team members celebrating their NBCC graduations. As they cross the stage and become NBCC alumni, they also become the newest hires at JDI.

They’ll be in good company; over 1650 NBCC graduates work across JDI operations.

"We are so proud to welcome NBCC new grads to our teams," said Colleen Baxter, Vice President of Human Resources. "Our partnership with NBCC is important for the continued education of our workforce and a pipeline of great student talent for co-op and full time jobs." 

We asked some of our new grads how it feels to receive a job offer before graduation, and why they chose JDI to launch their career:

Aaron Kyle

Rothesay NB

E&I Shop, Irving Pulp and Paper

Jordan Kierstead

Sussex NB

Mechanical Technician, Irving Pulp and Paper

 Jordan Kierstead

“My dad took me on a tour of the pulp mill when I was in high school. That’s when I decided I wanted to be a mechanical technician. My first work term I was with my father, working alongside him. He’s been in the trade for 15 years.”

“The day I got the job offer, I wasn’t expecting it. I got a call and when I got off the phone I had a big grin on my face. That night we had a big family get together and it was great to share the news with everyone.”

“I didn’t expect to get a JDI employee child scholarship. It was a great help for school. In addition, I did work terms at JDI. In a sense, that’s like a scholarship too, getting paid while you’re learning.”

Greg Edgecombe 

Saint John, NB

Process Operator, Irving Pulp and Paper

 Greg Edgecombe

“When I got the phone call it was the best feeling in the world. To get the job I went to school for is an amazing feeling. First person I called was my wife and then my parents. It means a lot to be here in New Brunswick. This is where I get to start my own family.”

“I did one work term at the Pulp and Paper mill. JDI invests a lot of money in the education of their people and the future of their mill. It’s a great opportunity to learn.”

Kirstian Morhan

Call Crew Member, Irving Pulp and Paper Mill

 Kirstian Morhan

“There are good vibes about JDI in this city. My dad has worked for the company. I’d hoped it would be the place I could make a career for myself. The day I found out – it was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I called my dad first.”

“There is so much to love about living in Saint John. The people are genuine. It’s amazing that I don’t have to look too far away for a great job and a great career.”

Jake Wood

Saint John, NB

Power Engineer, Pulp and Paper Mill

 Jake Wood

“I got a job offer – it was a great feeling. I knew co-op and my education had paid off. 

“It means everything to stay in Saint John. All my friends and family are here. Its great knowing I get to start my career in Saint John.”

“On my co-op I was so impressed by the team at Irving Pulp and Paper. If you are in a co-op program, know that JDI invests a lot into their students. Take initiative, ask questions and absorb as much as you can.”

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