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Three First-Year UNB Students Awarded $8,000 Renewable Scholarships


Together, J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) and the University of New Brunswick (UNB) are pleased to announce the 2016 recipients of the JDI NB Scholarship at UNB. 



The recipients all hail from New Brunswick:

• Ashlyn Moody, from Blackville, studying chemical engineering. 
• Cameron Arthurs, from Kingston Peninsula, studying forestry. 
• Caleb Waite, from Belleisle Creek, studying forestry.

These scholarships to entering students in 2016 are valued at $8,000 per year, and are renewable, based on academic performance, up to $32,000.

The scholarships are funded by a $1 million gift made in 2007 by J.D. Irving, Limited to UNB that will allow the most talented students to fully apply themselves to their course work and to better prepare for their future careers.

Arthurs, a graduate of St. Malachy’s High School, recalls the moment he found out he’d been selected for the scholarship. “I called my mom when I found out. She was ecstatic, I was ecstatic,” Arthurs said. “It’s amazing to know that a company like JDI is willing to fund my education and make my academic career so much more within my reach. It’s so generous.” 

 JDI UNB Scholarship Recipients
 Left to right: Dr. George MacLean Vice-President (Academic), UNB Fredericton; Caleb Waite, Ashlyn Moody, Cameron Arthurs, scholarship recipients; Colleen Baxter, VP of Human Resources, JDI. 

When asked about the impact of receiving the scholarship, Belleisle Regional High School graduate Waite said it’s enabling him to reach his goals. “It’s potentially a future here in New Brunswick. That’s my main goal, have a career and a family right here in New Brunswick,” Waite said. “JDI is really making that more possible for me through this scholarship.”

Blackville High School graduate Ashlyn Moody says she had her heart set on studying in New Brunswick, driven by a passion for this province. “I hate the stereotype that young people have to move away,” said Moody, studying chemical engineering. “In New Brunswick we do have leading research institutions and jobs. Finding out I received the JDI scholarship and was able to stay in my home province? That was one of the best feelings in the world.”

Dr. George MacLean, Vice-President (Academic), UNB Fredericton, recognizes the positive impact of the scholarship for students. “This is a wonderful opportunity for some of our students to receive support in their studies at UNB,” he said. “This is a continuation of the strong partnership we have with JDI. It’s important to our students, important to our academic mission, and a great example of partnership in our community."

“We are so pleased to offer these $8,000 renewable scholarships to such hardworking first-year students. Their passion for this province is infectious,” said Colleen Baxter, Vice President of Human Resources at JDI. “There’s also a strong UNB alumni presence at JDI; 600 alumni are part of our team, over 30% of them in leadership roles. We look forward to the next award of scholarships in the new year and encourage incoming UNB students from New Brunswick to apply before the March 1, 2017 deadline.” 

Past recipients of the JDI NB Scholarship at UNB:

• Jacob Wall
• Randi Watson
• Kyle Woods 
• Lucas Loughead 
• Kylor Doyle 

The programs eligible for the JDI NB Scholarships include the following:

UNB Fredericton  

Bachelor of Business Administration  
Bachelor of Computer Science  
Bachelor of Information Systems  
Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering  
Bachelor of Science in Forestry  
Bachelor of Science in Environment & Natural Resources  
Bachelor of Science in Engineering 

UNB Saint John  

Bachelor of Business Administration  
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science  
Bachelor of Information Sciences  
Bachelor of Science in Engineering   

For further information and to apply for the JDI NB Scholarships at UNB, visit their website.