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Top Tips for a Successful Work Term at J.D. Irving


Over the next three years J.D. Irving (JDI) will be welcoming hundreds of students across their operations for work terms in Canada and the U.S. The work terms provide students from post secondary institutions the opportunity to gain hands on experience from world-class leaders, exposure to industry, and the potential chance to land a full-time job upon graduation.

Ross Northrup from Saint John, New Brunswick was pre-offered a full-time job after completing three work terms with the Pulp & Paper Division. After his successful work terms at Irving Pulp & Paper, Irving Paper and Lake Utopia Paper, Ross accepted a full-time position at Lake Utopia Paper in the Maintenance Department.  Ross is currently completing the Mechanical Technician Program at New Brunswick Community College, and will begin full-time at Lake Utopia Paper once he graduations in June.

 Ross Northrup


We asked Ross what it takes to have a successful work term at JDI, and land a full-time job. This was his response:

1. Punctuality: Be there on time and ready to work.

" I was always super early like 45 minutes or so and had my breakfast. This helped me to develop relationships with co workers."

2. Attitude: Always be positive and ready to learn.

" Having a positive attitude was good for morale and working in the team."

3. Drive: Work hard and try to help out as much as possible.

"Helping out and working hard allowed me to see more and learn a lot."

4. Get involved: Try to get involved in as many jobs as possible.

"Exposure is the best experience and fastest way to learn."

5. Safety: Pay attention to safety.

"Throughout orientation and working with the team I learned the safest ways to do my job and be more efficient."

Are you interested in a work term at JDI? We are currently hiring for the 2020 summer work term