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Transportation and Logistics Division Sponsors Dalhousie University's Rowe School of Business Logistics Case Competition


Eighty Commerce students in Marketing Logistics at Dalhousie University participated in the annual Transportation and Logistics Case Study Competition on March 27th, 2018. Twenty teams made up of third and fourth-year students from two logistics classes lead by Professor Dan Lynch competed. Three winning teams were selected from each class.

Representatives from the Transportation & Logistics Division had presented the classes with a Business Case earlier in February that challenged the students to address specific issues and opportunities facing a 3PL Logistics company. The students were then tasked to act as business consultants and to come up with recommendations for the company to move forward. 

 Dalhousie University JDI Logistics Case Competition

"It’s hard to believe but this is our seventh annual J.D. Irving Logistics Case Competition at Dalhousie University," said Dr. Daniel Lynch, Associate Professor at the Rowe School of Business. "Approximately 80 of our students comprising 20 teams presented their recommendations to three J.D. Irving executives."

"Overall this has been a wonderful collaboration for both the students and the logistics/supply chain management discipline, and especially my classes," said Dr. Lynch. "I believe very strongly in experiential learning, and working with JDI providing a new case and challenge every year to the logistics students helps build their research skills, knowledge and confidence, in order to help prepare them for their future careers."

The judging panel this year consisted of Eric Lloyd, General Manager JDI Logistics and Transportation Services, Melissa Beckwith, Talent Manager, Olivia Greenbank, JDI Logistics Business Analyst and Dr. Dan Lynch. The panel selected the 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize winners with a set of criteria including the team's use of data, strategic application, decision criteria and delivery.

Chris Hogarth, a fourth-year Commerce Student described the competition as an excellent opportunity: "The J.D. Irving Logistics Case Competition is an excellent opportunity for students to work together with a logistics company," he said. "Students are able to work together and collaborate on alternatives and solutions to a real-life logistics issue. What a wonderful experience!" 

The case competition is a unique opportunity for students to put their learning to practice by analyzing data, developing strategies in a realistic setting and supporting their recommendations in front of senior business leaders. The approaches to solving the problem were diverse, creative and exceptionally well done.

This experience also provides JDI with insight into the campus logistics programs and creates awareness of students who may be interested and qualify for our Transportation and Logistics Division “Careers in Motion” summer intern program and full-time Leadership Development programs.

JDI is proud to have over 250 Dalhousie University graduates on our team. 

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