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J.D. Irving, Limited’s (JDI) tree nursery in Sussex is open to the public for its tenth annual seedling sale Saturday, May 14th.

Greg Adams, JDI’s Research & Development and Nurseries and Tree Improvement Manager, notes that the seedling sale is always a well-anticipated event. “Our annual seedling sale and open house has been a popular event for several years. We have been pleased to see people returning and talking about their successes,” said Adams.

“We sell standard reforestation seedling stock of spruces and pine as well as a selection of larger potted stock including hardwoods. Our staff is available to help people select the best species for their tree planting products,” explained Adams.

Prices range as follows:

1-99 = $0.75 each
100-299 = $0.50 each
300+ = $0.35 each
1 & 2 year-old potted trees = $5.00 each

Please call for directions or pre-orders on May 12 and 13: 

Sussex Tree Nursery 
181 Aiton Road 
Sussex, NB 
(506) 432-2845 

Seedlings can also be ordered for pick up at JDI's other nursery: 

Juniper Tree Nursery 
201 Southwest Road 
Juniper, NB 
(506) 246-5268

Please pre-order for quantities greater than 500 trees.

JDI has been planting trees since 1957. To date, the company has planted more than 940 million trees – a national record.