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Unique Hands-On Co-op for Public Relations Students


This summer we welcomed over 380 students from 31 colleges and universities to the team at JDI. Our students had quality resume building and learning experience in all nine of our business divisions from forestry, to shipbuilding, to transportation and logistics and beyond.

Two unique co-op experiences this summer were with the communications and branding team. Emily Leet and Josh McIntyre were welcomed as the newest members of the group and jumped right in to developing video content, advertisements and employee engagement materials for digital and social media. 

Exceptional Mentorship
A public relations student from Mount Saint Vincent University, this was Emily’s second co-op work term with the communications team. Emily collaborated with graphic designers on the corporate sustainability report, covered Aboriginal and shipyard community events, and captured business investment news. 




“A real highlight of being in the public relations co-op position is that you report directly to the Vice President of Communications,” said Emily. “It speaks volumes about the kind of projects you’ll get to work on, as well as the quality of feedback and mentorship.”

Emily was able to take ownership over her projects; from story-boarding and filming right through to posting and sharing the content on social media channels. 

Put Your Passion to Work
Josh McIntyre, a marketing student at the University of New Brunswick has always had a passion for video projects and visual storytelling. As the branding co-op student, Josh was able to explore new video technology: like 360 video and virtual reality experiences. 

Josh travelled throughout the woods of New Brunswick and was able to film several elements of forest management on his co-op; from tree planting, to manual thinning to harvesting. 

“What I’ve loved most about this co-op is that I can express my interests and ideas, and my mentor lets me run with it. This team, through sharing their passion for their projects, really helped me bring my work to a whole new level.”

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