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Welcoming Our Newest Employees - Hired Before Graduation!


Congratulations to our newly graduated J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) employees! Although most of their graduation ceremonies have been postponed until the fall, we are still celebrating their accomplishments and welcoming them to the team! All these hardworking students were given full-time job offers before returning for their final year of university because of their great contributions to our teams throughout their work-terms! 

Construction and Equipment Division:

Ryan Marino

 Ryan Marino

Ryan Marino of Quispamsis, NB,  recently completed his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at the University of New Brunswick's Fredericton Campus. He is joining our Construction and Equipment group as a Junior Engineer this spring! Before accepting a full-time offer from JDI, Ryan worked two work-terms with our operations, one with our Information Technology team, and the other with our Transportation Division.

"Having a job offer before graduating is an amazing payoff because I am able to attend my classes with a sense of security for what is next and really knowing the purpose of the degree I have worked for." says Ryan about receiving his full-time offer before completing his final year of his degree. "I am happy to have the relationships I made with people in JD Irving companies over the last few Summers and I am very excited to be part of a new team with the Construction and Equipment group in a position that I am very passionate about and know I will enjoy."

John Simpson

 John Simpson

Meet John Simpson! From Rothesay, NB, John has completed his Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of New Brunswick and is joining our team as a Business Intelligence Specialist with the Construction and Equipment Division. John worked two summers with the Construction team as a Finance Assistant before being offered a full-time position upon graduation.

"To secure a desirable position prior to graduation has been a goal of mine since I began university. It has enabled me to focus on my studies without having to search for a job and allowed me to enjoy my final term at school." says John about receiving a full-time offer before heading back to his final year of school. Welcome to the team John!

Corporate Division:

Sarah Gowlett

 Sarah Gowlett

Sarah Gowlett is from Bayswater, NB (on the Kingston Peninsula) and has recently graduated from the University of New Brunswick Saint John's Bachelor of Business Administration Program with a Major in Accounting. We are excited to welcome Sarah to the team as an Accounting Associate with Irving Business Services. Sarah has previously completed two work terms with our Accounting team and is excited about the opportunity to start her career at JDI! "I accepted a job offer from JDI because of the people and community. The best part of my work terms was meeting and working with people that have like-minded goals. They inspire and encourage me to push myself to reach my maximum potential. I am very excited to start my career here!" says Sarah. "Knowing I had a job offer before finishing school meant that I could focus on my education and making memories in my final year of university rather than being concerned about the job competition. It was great to have this assurance in my final year."

Akarsh Pai

 Akarsh Pai

Congratulations to Akarsh Pai on his recent graduation from the Master of Business Administration program at Wilfrid Laurier University (Lazaridis School of Business & Economics). Akarsh completed his second and final co-op term with the JDI Corporate Finance team in the fall of 2019 and is joining us full time as a Finance Analyst with the same group.

"Accepting a full-time role with a team that I am genuinely excited about gave me a sense of peace and allowed me to focus on finishing my degree strong. I’m really looking forward to continually learning and growing while working full-time!" says Akarsh about receiving his full-time offer before finishing his degree. Akarsh is from Fredericton, New Brunswick and had this to say about staying close to home "After my fall co-op term, I realized JDI was an employer that really values its people and I wanted to be a part of that culture. My team was also extremely welcoming and made it a very friendly learning environment. It was an incredible feeling knowing that I had the opportunity to develop my career while also being so close to home - accepting the offer was an easy decision!"

Eric von Richter

Eric von Richter spent two work-terms with JDI before accepting his full-time position, one with our payroll team and one with our financial reporting team. From Hampton, New Brunswick, Eric has recently completed a Bachelor of Commerce at Mount Allison University and joins our team as a Shared Services Associate with JDI Finance. 

When asked what it meant to him knowing he had a full-time job going into his last year at university, Eric said "Security. Knowing I had one less thing to worry about during my final year at school helped relieve a lot of stress, especially knowing that it would ultimately be a great fit."

Katelyn Hartley-Brown

 Katelyn Hartley-Brown

Meet Katelyn Hartley-Brown, a native of Quispamsis, New Brunswick and a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Business Administration Program, Accounting, at Acadia Univeristy. Katelyn was a co-op student with our Shared Services team for two terms and then a Finance Student with JDI's Transportation Division's Careers in Motion Program. This spring, Katelyn joins us in her full-time role as an Accounting Associate with JDI Finance.

"It was an easy decision to accept a job with JDI. While completing my three co-op terms, I saw the many opportunities JDI could provide and how respected they are as a business." says Katelyn about accepting a full-time position with JDI. "They value and invest in their employees and promote an environment where individual can reach their full potential. Even as a student I was treated as a regular employee and given valuable experience and responsibilities. Knowing I have a job with a company that believes and supports in you is very empowering and I look forward to beginning my new career."

Pulp & Paper Division:

Julia Gilbert

 Julia Gilbert


Meet Julia Gilbert, from Wickham, NB, and a recent graduate from the University of New Brunswick's Bachelor of Business Administrator Program. Julia is joining our team as Business Analyst with Irving Forest Services. 

Before accepting a full-time offer, Julia completed three co-op work terms with the Pulp & Paper Division. "I was given the opportunity to work at all of the 4 mills and the 2 warehouses where I worked with tremendous people, who were always willing to show me more about what the operations were at each site." says Julia. "I loved the aspect of being able to work in the offices, but also have the opportunity to learn more about what happened inside each mill by working with those in the operations."

"To have a job offer when finishing four years of university is a relief to know that all of my hard work over the years has paid off and has been recognized. It is a real appreciation towards the co-op program at UNBSJ, as I would not have a job before graduation without them. It is also an appreciation towards those who I worked closely with over my work terms and who helped me grow in the workplace." We are excited to welcome Julia to the team!

Jacob Wall

 Jacob Wall

Jacob Wall is no stranger to the JDI operations. Before accepting a full-time job offer at the end of his last work-term with our Pulp & Paper group, he worked a four month term in 2016 (Irving Tissue), a four month term in 2017 (Irving Paper), and a sixteen month term between 2018 and 2019 (Irving Pulp & Paper). Jacob is from Waasis, New Brunswick and was the first recipient of the JDI NB scholarship at UNB. He is excited to begin his career close to home.

"Through my co-ops with JDI I was able to work on a range of projects that allowed me to figure out what I really liked. Along the way, I got to work for and alongside some amazing people that were eager to share their knowledge. The combination of interesting work and a great environment made accepting the offer an easy decision. Also, New Brunswick is home for me. So, having the ability to grow and develop in my home province was the cherry on top." says Jacob.

Jacob has graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering and joins our team as an Associate Project Engineer at Irving Pulp & Paper. Welcome to the team Jacob!  

Sawmills Division:

Ashlyn Moody

 Ashlyn Moody 2

Originally from Blackville, NB, Ashlyn Moody has completed her Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick's Fredericton Campus. She joins the team at our Grand Lake Timber Sawmill as a Maintenance Coordinator. Ashlyn completed two work-terms at Grand Lake Timber throughout her degree and had the opportunity to learn about our operations first-hand. "These roles gave me the opportunity to learn about all aspects of site operations, and to become familiar with the GLT team. I was offered a position on the maintenance team following the completion of my second work-term, and have been looking forward to beginning the role throughout my final year of university." says Ashlyn.

When asked why she accepted a full-time offer at JDI, Ashlyn said "Throughout the duration of my time spent with JDI, I have been so impressed by the tasks and responsibilities which students have been assigned, in addition to JDI’s community involvement. The projects that I have worked on have greatly expanded my engineering knowledge, and have given me the opportunity to work with some very impressive teams." Welcome to the team Ashlyn!

Woodlands Division:

Caleb Waite
Meet Caleb Waite, a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Forestry program from the University of New Brunswick's Fredericton Campus. Caleb has recently joined our Woodlands team as a Harvesting Supervisor. Originally from Belleisle Creek, NB, Caleb started his journey with JDI in grade 12 when he completed a co-op term at the Sussex Tree Nursery. "After I completed my first co-op term, I was pleased to find out that I had received the JDI Scholarship with the University of New Brunswick. Words cannot describe how much this helped me get through my university career." says Caleb.

"Knowing I had a job well-ahead of graduation was a major stress-relief for me. Knowing that I had a job secured with JDI in my home province, 15 minutes away from my hometown made it even better! I look forward to what the future has in store for me with this great company!" Welcome to the team, Caleb! 

Moncton-Based Companies:

Taylor MacLean

 Taylor MacLean

Taylor MacLean, originally from Bras D'Or, Nova Scotia, is joining our Corporate team as a part of our Recent Graduate Development Program. She has recently completed her Bachelor of Business Administration from Acadia University and we are excited to welcome her as a Junior Business Analyst!

"It feels very comforting to have been able to secure a job with such a well-established company after graduation, especially during such uncertain times," Taylor had to say about securing a job before graduation. "Knowing that I’ll be joining JDI this summer has allowed me to focus on completing my degree and has made the transition from university to the real-world much easier."

Harshith Maruthi Reddy

 Harshith Reddy 

We would like to welcome Harshith Maruthi Reddy to the team at Cavendish Farms in the Supply Chain group! Harshith is originally from United Kingdom and moved to Antigonish, NS to complete his Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in Finance and and Minor in Mathematics at St. Francs Xavier University. 

When asked what it meant to have a job offer before finishing school, Harshith said, "It is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I was able to study and enjoy my final year without the burden of job hunting." Welcome to the team Harshith! 


Congratulations to all our hired before graduation co-workers, we look forward to watching you walk across the stage to receive your degrees very soon! 

We are hiring! To apply for a student position or full-time role with one of our diverse operations, visit