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We’re Hiring!

JDI forecasts over 7800 HIRES between 2015-2017.

Over the next three years, we are forecasting over 7800 positions to become available across our operations. 

Watch our latest video on the upcoming opportunities within our company.   Youtube   Vimeo

“When we look at our three-year forecast from 2015-2017, almost 90 per cent of the positions we need to fill are in the Atlantic provinces,” said Jeff Green, the Director of Talent Acquisition with JDI. “Almost 70 percent of those jobs are within New Brunswick and Nova Scotia alone.”

Our operations with the highest job opportunities include retail, manufacturing, shipbuilding, supply chain, logistics, and engineering.  

As we recruit the workforce of the future, we are also working with great partners - local universities and community colleges‎. We're reaching out with co-op programs, scholarships, and paid internships.

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