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When Drivers Matter Most: RST-Sunbury Receives Coveted Award Amid COVID-19 Challenges

 RST Top Fleet Award


SAINT JOHN, N.B. - - - More than ever, the Trucking Industry is being recognized and supported as an Essential Service. Today, there are hundreds of RST-Sunbury drivers on the roads, delivering vital goods and keeping supply chains open. Hundreds more are working remotely, or in adapted office environments, to support those drivers, their customers, and communities.

For the third consecutive year, RST-Sunbury has been named a Top Fleet Employer, an award bestowed annually by Trucking HR Canada. The news was especially welcome following intense efforts to implement the best practices possible to address COVID- 19 concerns, including new sanitation and hygiene processes, physical distancing and working remotely where possible.

“COVID-19 has altered the conditions in which we operate, but not who we are. RST-Sunbury is committed to delivering essential goods and service to our communities and customers, and we’re doing everything in our power to support those who deliver during these challenging times,” remarked Andrew Fisher, General Manager of both RST and Sunbury. “While COVID-19 remains a critical focus, the Top Fleet Award is a reminder that we have a tireless team of drivers, owner operators, office staff, and leaders. Our people keep the wheels turning, and they are wholly deserving of this recognition.”

Fisher added that a virtual celebration has been scheduled for his employees on Friday via the platform Microsoft Teams.

“We are thrilled to be recognized again this year as a Top Fleet Employer,” said Stacey Miller, Director of Human Resources with RST-Sunbury. “I am so proud to be associated with the devoted men and women, and who are truly the warriors on the front lines during these turbulent times.  Our drivers’ unwavering devotion to our communities, where we live and work, does not go unnoticed and we are extremely grateful as they keep the wheels turning.”

RST-Sunbury shares the 2020 Top Fleet Employer designation with 68 companies across Canada. Those companies with five (or more) consecutive wins are honoured with the Top Fleet Employer of Distinction status. Miller is confident RST Sunbury will hold that distinction by 2022.

“At a time when the trucking industry is being showcased nationally for its essential role on the front lines of COVID-19, we commend these fleets who are…showcasing the great workplaces we offer,” said Angela Splinter, CEO of Trucking HR Canada, in a statement provided by the organization. “We look forward to honouring and celebrating them post COVID-19.”

Trucking HR Canada will recognize all award recipients during its Annual Gala Awards Dinner in October, at the Palais Royale in Toronto.

 RST Top Fleet Award 2


About the Award

The Top Fleet Employer designation is highly regarded in the industry, and selection criteria is rigorous. Each business is evaluated through interviews with company driver, owner operators and staff; these interviews touch on recruitment and retention practices, workplace culture, compensation, training and skills development, and innovative HR practices. This process is overseen by a Top Fleet Employers Council to ensure an accurate reflection of HR issues, trends and current working environments.

Top Fleet Employers are leaders in promoting a positive and professional image of the overall trucking and logistics industry. They demonstrate the ability to attract and retain skilled workers.

 RST Top Fleet Award 3



Trucking HR Canada is a national partnership-based organization that is dedicated to developing, sharing, and promoting the trucking industry’s best practices in human resources and training.

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About RST-Sunbury 

With over 110 year’s combined experience, RST and Sunbury Transport (RST-Sunbury) draw on exceptional teams – in the office and on the road – to provide diverse and innovative trucking and logistics services. Both companies are headquartered in Saint John.

Sunbury is a premiere transportation company, specializing in US and Canadian cross-border shipments and offering logistics services. Its fleet can move goods via truckload, van, flatbed, bulk wood fibre or container service.

RST is a recognized leader in safe, efficient tank transportation throughout Atlantic Canada, Ontario, Quebec, and the eastern United States. In addition to conveying cargo in line with top tier industry standards, RST also provides emergency response and training services throughout Atlantic Canada.



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