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Winter Wildlife: What a hoot!

Picture this: It is approaching dusk, and you are walking along Sheldon’s Point at the Irving Nature Park, when a large owl flies slightly overhead from the treetops! If you have seen any owls in this area, chances are it is a barred owl. Barred owls live in woodlands, wooded river bottoms, and wooded swamps. They are commonly found in deciduous or mixed woods in their southeast range but in the north and northwest may be found in mature coniferous trees. 

Barred owl winter gettyimages.jpeg

The Irving Nature Park is a 600-acre site owned, gifted, and maintained by J.D. Irving Limited with a commitment to help protect an environmentally significant area. This special part of the Fundy coastline is a place where everyone can come and experience the various ecosystems of the southern New Brunswick coastline. It is open year-round to help encourage visitors to experience nature with geological treasures and many other stunning features.Barred owls are permanent residents through their range, although some may wander from their nesting habitat during the winter. They hunt by night or day, mostly at dawn or dusk, by watching from a perch or flying low through the forest. Their diet consists of small mammals including mice, squirrels, hare, birds, and even frogs, salamanders, snakes, and some insects. They give a recognizable call of “who cooks for you?”. 

If you see these elusive creatures, be sure to snap a photo and tag J.D. Irving, Limited or Irving Woodlands!