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Lake Utopia Paper produces high quality corrugating medium for the North American and global markets, used in the production of packaging material for many of the world's favorite brands. Lake Utopia Paper’s corrugating medium is a key component of box packaging for a wide range of industries including food & beverage, consumer goods, industrial, agriculture and electronics.

Our mill in Utopia, New Brunswick has supplied customers in Canada, the U.S. and Latin America for over fifty years. Trust Lake Utopia Paper to produce the high quality corrugating medium you need, when you need it, so you can produce the high quality packaging your customers demand.

As part of the J.D. Irving, Limited Pulp and Paper Division, Lake Utopia’s commitment to sustainability is key to creating long-term value for our customers, enabling us to meet your evolving needs and expectations. Integrated rail, truck and ocean service ensures cost-effective and flexible delivery and warehouse managed inventory supports just-in-time shipments.

Lake Utopia’s highly responsive sales team provides exceptional customer service to our customers and our mill team is dedicated to excellence. Lake Utopia is a proud member of the J.D. Irving, Limited Group of companies, a family-owned corporation for more than 140 years, committed to uncompromising quality and customer service, as well as the sustainability of our land, water and air.  





Located in Utopia, New Brunswick, Lake Utopia Paper's manufacturing facility produces packaging material for some of the world's favourite brands of food products and other consumer items. Career opportunities include:

• Project Engineering
• Environmental Coordinator
• Maintenance
• Equipment Operator
• Finishing & Shipping Operator
• Health & Safety
• Sales Representative
• Customer Service Representative
• Claims Analyst
• Account Manager
• Human Resources






600 Route 785
Utopia, NB
E5C 2K4


(506) 755-3384


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