ATV and Snowmobile

J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) owned and managed lands in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Maine offer a number of recreational vehicle opportunities. 

We work closely with local ATV and snowmobile associations to safely enjoy trails on the lands we own or manage.

Every fall, JDI foresters meet with local clubs to collaborate and come up with solutions regarding existing or proposed recreation trails and the working forestry operations. JDI has been working with some of these clubs in New Brunswick for over 20 years.

Enjoy the beauty and help us take care, by respecting these special areas.

High-action shot of a snowmobile in use

Please Assist Us

ATV's and snowmobiles are only permitted on designated trails.

Be Alert! The land and roads you travel through are part of a working forest. Yield to logging trucks and equipment and obey all signage.

During hunting season please respect the "no hunting" exclusion zone around active operations.

Be Fire Safe! No open fires on JDI private land. Be aware of the DNR
Forest Fire Danger Index. 

To report a fire, contact: 911 or the Department of Natural Resources office nearest you.

Be A Good Sportsman / Sportswoman! Respect fish and
game harvest regulations. Do not litter - "carry out" what you "carried in".

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