Expertise, excellence and sustainable practices across many sectors

From food to forests, fabrication to transportation, J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) is dedicated to producing quality products and providing complete service solutions in a sustainable manner that benefits our customers, our communities and the environment.

JDI has operations in:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction & Equipment
  • Consumer Products
  • Hydro Energy
  • Food
  • Forestry & Forestry Products
  • Retail & Distribution
  • Shipbuilding & Industrial Fabrication
  • Transportation & Logistics


Know-how and superior service from the ground up

Whether it's the expertise and products to get the best yield and protect farmer's crops, or superior soil and mulch solutions for growers and gardener's, JDI's agriculture enterprises ensure depth of knowledge and service that goes above and beyond.

Construction & Equipment

Built to deliver above and beyond

From construction materials to commercial structures, machining and fabrication to specialized crane and heavy haul equipment, JDI's construction and equipment companies have built solid reputations for superior products and service solutions.

Consumer Products

From trees to tissue, sustainability guides us every step of the way

Irving Consumer Products is one of North America's leading manufacturers of household paper and baby diaper products. It all starts with a tree. From seed to shelf, we produce great products with great respect for the environment. 

Hydro Energy

Investing in sustainable energy sources

With an eye on best environmental practices, JDI has tapped into the natural flow of water through a hydroelectric facility, to produce a green energy supply that benefits our people and our communities.


From the farm to your fork, you can taste the difference.

JDI's food enterprises always have the highest standards and food safety certifications on the menu. Operating in some of the best growing regions in the world, we share our bounty with the global market, whether it's fresh produce, fresh frozen French fries, or innovative culinary delights.

Forestry & Forest Products

From healthy forests to world-class forest products

At JDI, we are committed to ongoing investment in trees, in skilled people and the best science and technology, ensuring our forest products are world-class. Sustainability is deeply embedded in every aspect of our forestry and forest products business. 

Retail & Distribution

Excellence and higher standards that contribute to your success

From building supplies and homes to trucks & trailers to printing, JDI's retail and distribution companies provide exceptional consumer, contractor and business solutions, with top quality products and the superior customer service you need to help you succeed.

Shipbuilding & Industrial Fabrication

Building quality vessels and fabricated modules for over 50 years.

Combining the strengths and expertise of each of our locations, JDI offers the best shipbuilding, offshore fabrication, ship repair and engineering services in North America. From design to construction and through-life support, we provide a full range of technical services and industrial resources. We are Canada’s shipbuilder, building the next generation of combat ships  for those who serve.


Global transportation and logistics solutions driven by exceptional efficiency 

With unparalleled logistics capabilities and perhaps the broadest array of services in the global market all under one roof, JDI Integrated Logistics is a leader in optimizing how goods flow to market. Our sustainable operating practices allow us to service your business in the most efficient manner, while reducing your carbon footprint.