Annual environmental, social, and economic performance

At J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI), we recognize that the commitment to sustainability is a journey rather than a destination - there is no state of being "finished."  As much as our customer and stakeholder interests change, the natural environment itself is changing around us and our operations need to evolve with it.

Our most recent reports represent both our overall and divisional progress on JDI 's sustainability journey.

We are committed to improving our reporting in the future and welcome your feedback. 

This Corporate Sustainability Report (CSR) provides information on the environmental, social, and economic performance of our company's forestry and forest product businesses.


 CSR All Forestry 2016
 CSR Sawmills 2016
 CSR IPP 2016
 CSR IPL 2016
 CSR ITC 2016 v2
 CSR LUP 2016