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Celebrating National Co-op Week 2023!

March 20th marks the first day of National Cooperative Education (Co-op) Week, which is celebrated annually in Canada.

We are delighted to recognize the successes of our student workers! This term we have 78 students working across eight of our divisions, supporting business needs and gaining valuable hands-on experience within our operations. 

Keeping and growing talented young people, here at home, with rewarding career opportunities is important to our team. Our goal is to offer students with leadership potential the chance to step directly into a full-time role and continue to focus on their personal growth and development beyond the classroom.

We are a company committed to developing the skills and potential of the future generation and we provide a unique opportunity for individuals to join one operation and advance their careers across several of our businesses.

In celebration of National Co-op Week, we are recognizing the co-op students across our divisions who bring fresh ideas and innovation to our operations. 


Llewellyn Kernighan, University of New Brunswick – Irving Pulp & Paper Chemical Engineering

Llewellyn Kernighan resized (1).jpg

After completing an 8-month work term at Irving Paper, Llewellyn has returned and is currently on a work term at Irving Pulp and Paper. “I have had a great experience working with the Pulp and Paper Division – that’s why I keep coming back,” says Llewellyn.

“I have learned a plethora of technical skills, but I have also learned a lot about myself – how I like to work, what I need to do to be successful, and how I can best support my team. I feel that these work terms have prepared me for a career in engineering!”


Hari Apoorva, Crandall University – Moncton-Based Companies Corporate Finance

Hari Apoorva resized (1).jpg

As a newcomer to Canada, Hari always aspired to hold a managerial role and her position in the Corporate Finance division at JDI gave her the opportunity to learn and have a better understanding of how businesses run.

“The co-op program is a fantastic way to put academic knowledge into practice, and a great opportunity to meet lots of people who can offer helpful advice and point you in the right direction for your professional growth,” said Hari. 


Alex Bishop, University of Toronto – Transportation and Logistics Human Resources

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Alex Bishop started his journey with JDI as a Human Resources Administrator with Transportation & Logistics (T&L), in the summer of 2021. He went on to join T&L’s Careers in Motion program, where he is currently completing three eight-month rotations throughout the division, gaining experience and learning about the transportation industry.

“The experience of the Careers In Motion program, both as a student and now as part of the Graduate CIM Program, has been crucial in my professional development,” says Alex. 


Carter Hierlihy, University of New Brunswick – J. D. Irving, Limited Corporate Finance

Carter Hierlihy.JPG

Carter started as a summer student and now he is back for his first co-op semester with the Corporate Finance team. He had the opportunity to meet leaders within the organization that give helpful advice and insights into their career paths. At JDI, the cooperative work environment allows room for improving both personal and technical skills.  

In my experience, there are no stupid questions to ask, your supervisors and others around you are always willing to help you out and answer any questions you may have,” says Carter. “Asking questions is a good thing as it shows a willingness to learn and understand the things that you are working on.”

Regan Long, Dalhousie University - Construction and Equipment Human Resources

Regan Long resized (1).jpg

During her time at Gulf Operators in the Human Resources group, Regan has worked on screening and recruitment, creating onboarding packages to help new team members settle into and learn their jobs.

Regan values her supervisors and co-workers who have supported her with getting exposure to all business areas that piqued her curiosity. This helped her to determine the career path that interested her most. 


Owen McCoy, Dalhousie University - Irving Shipbuilding Inc. Mechanical Engineering

Owen McCoy resized (1).jpg

"The scale of the projects here at ISI are unlike any other on the east coast, so it is very interesting to be immersed in such a large production environment so early on in my career," says Owen. 

This work term has given Owen an excellent opportunity to show meaningful contributions at his workplace that indicate improvements within processes. 

His recommendation for students who are looking to join the program, is to step outside of the classroom and develop professional skills while being mindful of the things studied at university is important.


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