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Celebrating new Canadians at Transportation & Logistics

J.D. Irving, Limited's Transportation and Logistics Division is proudly paving the way forward thanks to the efforts of their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee. This past year, they focused on highlighting newcomers to the division and the stories that lead them to being part of our team. We're proud to say that over 20 of our team members received their Permanent Residency status in 2023.



Universal Truck and Trailer


Originally from Brazil, Manfredo and his wife spent four years living in New Zealand before deciding to move to Canada, a move that would bring him closer to his family in Brazil and the US.

Although he was prepared for the differences in weather, there was still some shock at just how cold it gets in the winter. But he was happy to bundle up and try some of Canada’s outdoor winter activities.

Otherwise, it seems they did their research in advance of making the big move. “I would say we had very realistic expectations and the reality that we met when we arrived wasn’t far off; friendly people who are very welcoming to immigrants, lots of professional opportunities and a rich and interesting culture,” Manfredo said of his new home.

We’re proud to share that Manfredo received his Permanent Residency this past summer!



Sunbury Transport

Photo Olesandr Shcherbyna.jpg

In 2019, Oleksandr and his family made the decision to make the move to Canada from the Ukraine. He left his role in the legal field and began driving trucks across Switzerland, Austria, France and England. With several years of experience under his belt, he interviewed with Sunbury Transport while in Barcelona, Spain. They landed in Canada on December 26, 2022 and have just had their first holiday season in New Brunswick! 

When asked what his favourite thing about Canada is so far, he said seeing the ocean from their front window. 



Transportation & Logistics Divisional Services

Amir Suarez photo.jpg

Amir and his wife had been curious about Canada for quite some time, leading them to do an exploratory trip in 2017. They found the diversity and safety in the areas they visited sparked more intrigue and the beauty they found led them to strongly consider making the big move. 

In 2021 they decided to pack up their belongings in Colombia and make the move to New Brunswick. Now in Saint John, Amir has completed his postgraduate studies and he and his wife are establishing themselves in the community. They thank the friends that they consider family for helping them adjust to changes that come with a move like theirs.


Sunbury Driver

Joaquim Reginaldo da Silva Neto.jpg

After doing lots of research about Canada, Joaquim began his journey to move to Canada in 2019. Originally from Brazil, he found the amounts and frequency of snow we received in New Brunswick to be quite amazing. "Brazil only snows in the southern region and for a short time, but I'm amazed by the snow. I really enjoyed the winter," he said. Thanks to all the research he did in advance, he found Canada to be nearly as expected. Because of that he is quick to suggest that anyone considering making the move do their research and it will all be worth it!



Atlantic Towing

Carlos Estupinan Picture.jpg

Carlos and his family arrived in Canada in 2022 with the dream of settling permanently. Since arriving, Carlos has joined Atlantic Towing where he has learned all about the offshore business. He has settled his children in school and embraced the Canadian winter weather.

We asked Carlos what surprised him most about Canada and he said “How kind the people are, the mix of cities around and the nature. We love to do outdoor activities and Canada has great options in each season!”

In July of 2023 Carlos and his family received their Permanent Residency status!






In 2020, Isabel moved to Canada seeking a better future for her children and better quality of life. Although the path to emigrating was challenging, Isabel says that she is happy to find beautiful landscapes, diversity and opportunity.

After meeting a JDI representative at an employer event, Isabel joined Sunbury. "I love working directly with our Professional Drivers, newcomers like me coming to Canada. I felt I could relate to them and was grateful for the opportunity to help,” said Isabel about her role at Sunbury.

We’re proud to share that Isabel received her Permanent Residency status in 2023.




Photo Aleksei Bogomazov.jpg

Alexei began working as a truck driver in Europe in 2019, with the goal of being a professional driver in Canada. Unfortunately the pandemic slowed many newcomers as the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program was put on hold. Alexei wasn't deterred, he continued to work as a driver in Europe until he received a job offer from Sunbury Transport at the end of 2021. A year later, with visas in hand, Alexei and his family had moved to Saint John. 

The Transportation and Logistics Division's RST-Sunbury Transport were proud to announce they were named an Employment Equity Champion as part of the 2023 Employment Equity Achievement Awards. Presented by the federal Minister of Labour and Seniors, the awards recognize federally regulated private-sector employers as well as federal contractors who demonstrate a commitment to a diverse and inclusive workspace and employment equity. Read the full story here []