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From University to Career - Hired Before Graduation, JDI Welcomes its Newest Employees!


Congratulations to our newly graduated J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) employees! We are excited to have 36 graduates from 7 Canadian universities join our growing team.. All 36 students were given job offers before they graduated, largely due to great work during their co-op experiences at JDI.

Are you ready to meet a few of our new employees?!

 HIred Before Grad - Group - 2019


Pulp and Paper Division

 Scott Saunders - HBG - 2019


Scott Saunders from Florenceville, New Brunswick will be returning home  to start his career with the Pulp and Paper Divisional Project Engineering Team as an Associate Project Engineer.  Scott is a recent graduate of Electrical Engineering at Memorial University of Newfoundland and completed two co-op work terms with JDI.

“Securing this position before my final semester gave me piece of mind going into the last 4 months of my degree, allowing me to more thoroughly enjoy the rest of my schooling. I am excited knowing that I am going back to join the same great team at Irving Forest Services, a group I completed a very interesting work term with last fall. I am looking forward to applying my academic experience in the industry, and to exploring Saint John and the surrounding area once I get settled.”

 Nicky G - HBG - 2019


Nicoletta Gallagher from Hanwell, New Brunswick has returned home from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax  to a full-time position with the Pulp and Paper Division as a Communication Specialist. 

"Accepting a full-time position from J.D. Irving before graduating was an easy decision to make. From the moment I began my co-op term with the Pulp & Paper Division in April of 2018, I felt valued for the knowledge and skills I brought to the table. As a young professional having a company invest in me has been key to my continued growth. Everyday I'm inspired, motivated and supported by the people I work with. JDI is not just a company, but a family.  I couldn't be more proud to start my career with JDI."

 Chelsea Hansen-Batten - HBG - 2019


Chelsea Hansen-Batten from Saint John, New Brunswick has returned home to her hometown to start her career. After three co-op terms with the Pulp and Paper Division and Irving Shipbuilding, she secured a full- time position as a Business Analyst with the Pulp and Paper Division. Chelsea is a recent graduate of Industrial Engineering at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

“Securing a job with JDI before graduation allowed me to write my final exams without the added stress of finding a job. It was so comforting to know that I was lined up for a great job with a great company that I will be able to grow my career in.”

Transportation & Logistics Division

 Saqib Shahzad - HBG - 2019


Saqib Shahzad from Dubai, United Arab Emirates will be making Saint John, New Brunswick home. After a co-op term with RST Sunbury he has accepted a full-time position with them as an Associate Engineer. Saqib came to Canada five years ago to purse higher education. He has recently graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a degree in Civil Engineering.   

“I am eager to use the knowledge and skills I have acquired over the course of my undergraduate degree to tackle various challenges faced in the transportation industry. Having secured an opportunity with JDI's Transportation and Logistics Division right after graduation is immensely satisfying, relieving and an achievement I am extremely proud of. The company's significant investment in training and growth of its employees and the wide variety of opportunities available in multiple industries within the organization are two of the many factors that convinced me to begin my career with JDI.”

Woodlands Division

 John Ewosko - HBG - 2019


John Ewosko from Owen Sound, Ontario will be starting a full-time position with the Woodlands Division as a Harvesting Supervisor. John is a recent graduate of the Forest and Environmental Management program at the University of New Brunswick.

"Securing employment prior to graduation awarded me the opportunity to focus on school, start planning for the future and most importantly, begin developing vital skills for my career in forestry."


 Dane Reimenschneide - HBG - 2019


Dane Reimenschneider from Fredericton, New Brunswick will be joining the Woodlands Division as an Harvesting Supervisor in Deersdale, New Brunswick. Dane is a recent graduate of the Forestry program at the University of New Brunswick. Dane completed one work terms with JDI. 

"I am very excited to start my new role as a harvesting supervisor with JDI. Working hard to prove yourself and gain experience during summer positions is so valuable and in my situation, it landed me a full-time position when I graduate."

Irving Shipbuilding

 Jonathan Loder - HBG - 2019


Jonathan Loder from Bedford, Nova Scotia will be staying close to home as he was offered a full-time position with Irving Shipbuilding as a Junior Combat Systems Engineer. After completing a final work term with Irving Shipbuilding he was offered a job. Jonathan has graduated from Dalhousie University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

"I am very excited about re-joining the CSC team at Irving Shipbuilding, where I spent last summer on my final co-op work term. It is an amazing opportunity to work on this monumental project and grow under so many experienced experts. Securing this full-time position before my final year of mechanical engineering allowed me to fully focus on my rigorous course load, rather than worrying about post-graduation – I already knew that this is where I want to be."

Corporate J.D. Irving, Limited

 Cassandra Banfield - HBG - 2019


Cassandra Banfield from Quispamsis, New Brunswick will be working at JDI's head office in Corporate Finance in Accounting and Reporting. Cassandra has recently graduated from Business Administration at the University of New Brunswick. She was pre-offered a job after completing three co-op terms with the Accounting and Reporting team.

“It gives a sense of security knowing that I have the full support of this organization both during and after my final year of school. I feel great having JDI believe in me and to be able to pursue a career with this organization!”

 Maddie Tee - HBG - 2019


Maddie Tees from Saint John, New Brunswick will be staying home as  a Business Analyst with the Corporate IT team. Maddie has just graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor of Computer Science.

"I’m very excited about securing a job with JDI. I was born and raised in Saint John, so I know that JDI is a huge part of the city and does a lot for the community. I’m happy to have the opportunity to contribute to that. Being hired before graduation was great, it really allowed me to focus on my last semester rather than worrying about post-grad plans. "

 Moncton Group

 Matthew DeSilva - HBG - 2019


Matthew DeSliva from Fredericton, New Brunswick will be staying close to home as he has accepted a full-time position with JDI as a Data Scientist. Matthew has graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering and Diploma in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of New Brunswick. 

“Accepting a job offer before graduating has provided me with a huge sense of relief. Having previously worked for J.D. Irving as a tree planter, it is an incredible feeling to know that I will begin my career with a great company while staying in the Maritimes.”

 Gabriella Makarious - HBG - 2019 V2


New Brunswick is now home for Gabriella Makarious from Cairo, Egypt as she has accepted a full-time position with Irving Personal Care as a Process Engineer. Gabriella has graduated from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.

“Securing a position prior to graduation has allowed me to stay focused on my studies during my final year of university. I look forward to developing relationships with colleagues at Irving Personal Care.”

 Bridget McCloskey - HBG - 2019


Bridget McCloskey of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island will be staying on the Island as she begins her career as an Electrical Engineer with Cavendish Farms. Bridget was offered a full-time position after graduating from the University of New Brunswick with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

“I am excited to have accepted a position with Cavendish Farms prior to my graduation and returning to my home province of PEI. Seeking employment through the Emerging Talent Program has provided me with a sense of security in knowing my next chapter as a young professional.”

You have potential. We have opportunity. 

Over the next three years, JDI is forecasting 7,500 full time hires as well as over 2,500 student hires across the company's diverse operations in Canada and the U.S. 89% of the jobs are in Atlantic Canada. 

Across the organization, the areas with the highest number of job opportunities include Operations, Shipping, Supply & Logistics, Retail Sales, and Finance.

As we recruit the workforce of the future, we are also working with great partners - local universities and community colleges. We are reaching out with co-op programs, case competitions, scholarships, and career fairs. Are you a new grad looking to start your career? Visit here to learn how you can grow with JDI.

 Group Shot - Hired Before Grad - 2019